Wednesday, July 3, 2013

37 weeks, BP check

Well, had to go in today to get my blood pressure checked...hoping it was back to normal. Sadly, it went the other way. Higher then last week and exactly what he (my Doctor), nor I were hoping for. Also gained 3 lbs in the past week, which Dr. Creedon was sure was water weight (or your popcorn Greenie) and when I told him about my headaches... He started looking concerned. He issued a urine stick test, and wants me back Friday. Hoping my blood pressure comes down, if not, I have to do the 24 hour urine test to check my protein levels and be back on Monday. His concern is Gestational Hypertension and/or Preeclampsia. Now, I don't know much about hypertension but preeclampsia I know isn't something to mess with. If this is the case, they will induce me early, which under normal circumstances isn't an issue and I am/was 100% for early arrival. However, my husband leaves on Monday for 4 days for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to golf in the John Deere ProAm, with the Pro's and he couldn't be more excited. I couldn't be more excited for him, and would feel miserable if he missed this opportunity. I guess it's time to step up to the plate momma and do as my Doctor and everyone and there monkey is telling me; rest and take it easy! 

Hoping that this baby and momma can wait a full week to make a safe and healthy appearance! 

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