Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome baby Dax

Well, after coming back in on Friday with some good news about my protein levels and blood pressure, I was relieved. Relieved that everything was looking good with momma and baby and Dave was able to go on his golf trip. Able to go on his golf trip until early Monday morning, that is ... Since my water broke at 3:45am.

If you're a boy and a little squeamish about girl parts, you'll probably wanna stop reading. I may throw in the word VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA! :)

As I do the usual tossing and turning in bed at night, I woke up feeling like I had to go to the bathroom (weird right, since I have a bladder the size of a walnut anyway and now a baby full of piss and vinegar pushing down on it). Only this felt a little different, I felt a little bit leaking out from, well... where it shouldn't be if it's urine. So I immediately thought, PLEASE DON'T BE MY WATER. (Did I forget to tell you that it's Monday, 3:45am...Dave is supposed to leave for the ProAm at noon.) I get out of bed and go to the bathroom, do my business and still feel that small dribble coming from where it shouldn't be. I start crying (weird, I know), I silently pray,"Please don't be my water!" I flush, stand up and go to walk to the sink and like the smashing of a water balloon...my water breaks all over the bathroom floor! I flip on the light, grab a towel, sit back on the potty and cry! I didn't know what or how to tell Dave. I couldn't believe it, the day he is supposed to leave? I stand up, I leak more (sexy, I know), I repeat about 4 more times. By this time, I figure Dave probably has seen the light on and was wondering what was going on. I walk out to the bedroom, tears streaming down my face...he looks at me and says; "Are you serious?" I say, "I'm so sorry, honey," through the tears. He jumps out of bed laughing (sort of) and says, "honey, it's alright". I still feel horrible and I know he is only saying that because he doesn't want me to worry and escalate my BP.

Fast forward to the hospital: 

We get there, tell the Doc about my water, tells me that because the fluid was greenish/brown...baby pooped in the amniotic fluid. Note: First set of 4 ppl (team 1) that has to be in the room when I deliver. No biggy. I'm dilated to a 3, 75% effaced and baby is in -1 position.

Fast forward to being admitted (or committed however you wanna look at it):

They start me on Pitocin to get the ball rolling since my water has broken and I am only having mild contractions. Sweet, my fears are starting to come true, the dreaded Pit. It's 7am. Once my contractions start to get a little more intense, I ask my nurse if I would be a wuss if I asked for my epidural now. I tell her my reoccurring nightmare is that I don't get my epidural in time or it wears off too soon. She says 'honey, you can ask for it whenever you want and we'll make sure it doesn't wear off, don't worry about that". I decide to wait...billiant idea, I cant believe I'm not President. She ups my drip, it's 8:05. They become more intense and closer, I ask for my epidural. Anestesialogist team comes in to give me my Epi shortly thereafter. As they are prepping everything my contractions are getting pretty strong and I happen to look down at the IV in my hand... my arm is blowing up where they stuck me for my IV. Sweet. I ask the nurse if this is normal, she of course says no... Dah. I ain't no med student but I figured that out. She calls one of the anesthesiologist over, they stab me in the other hand and get me all set back up on the Pit. Did I happen to mention that my nurse had been upping my drip since it seemed my progress was a little slow? Note: the kink in my hand that blew up my hand under my IV. Lots a Pit going in the new IV, Epi not in yet. 9:00am, Epi in...strong contractions, continued high blood pressure, creeping higher, waiting game for the Epi to work. Contractions right on top of one another, extremely intense pain, dilated to an 8 with the urge to push, severely high BP, oxygen mask on, baby's heart rate falls, flip to left side, falls lower, flip to right, falls even lower, flip back to left, heart rate same, on hands and knees. Now, I cant think of anything more humbling then having your bare ass sticking out in the center of the room with 4 different teams of Dr.'s, which includes 4-5 ppl on each team! They stab me in the arm with something to slow my contractions. Baby likes my position, heart rate, semi stabilizes until the Dr. checks me and tells me to push. I was like, wtf? Like this? Oh, my epidural has not kicked in yet. This is awesome. Thank god for Yoga, otherwise I would be dead! I start to push, baby's heart rate drops. "Get the forceps", I hear. F***! No way, it ain't happening. Then I hear, "cord is wrapped"! On my back they put me, remove the end of the bed in the speed of a hiccup and "PUSH", is all I hear. Third contraction like this, I feel my Epi kicking in. Fourth contraction baby is out! Good thing I got that Epidural. Ah, but at least I have no pain after delivery...see, there is a plus side to everything. 

Baby Dax Bennett Tangren born at 10:31am, July 8, 2013, weighing in at the "same size as Gabby, plus 5oz. for his wiener". (6lbs 5oz.)

Mom and baby both doing well, baby may be a bit Jaundice...will know soon. My BP making is way back down. I kicked Dave outta the hospital about 3... He's golfing in the scramble right now. Everything worked out well. Hoping that baby and momma go home today, 20 minutes of sleep in a strange place with random noises and being a light sleeper is a good night away from home. Not looking forward to repeating tonight. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

37 weeks, BP check

Well, had to go in today to get my blood pressure checked...hoping it was back to normal. Sadly, it went the other way. Higher then last week and exactly what he (my Doctor), nor I were hoping for. Also gained 3 lbs in the past week, which Dr. Creedon was sure was water weight (or your popcorn Greenie) and when I told him about my headaches... He started looking concerned. He issued a urine stick test, and wants me back Friday. Hoping my blood pressure comes down, if not, I have to do the 24 hour urine test to check my protein levels and be back on Monday. His concern is Gestational Hypertension and/or Preeclampsia. Now, I don't know much about hypertension but preeclampsia I know isn't something to mess with. If this is the case, they will induce me early, which under normal circumstances isn't an issue and I am/was 100% for early arrival. However, my husband leaves on Monday for 4 days for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to golf in the John Deere ProAm, with the Pro's and he couldn't be more excited. I couldn't be more excited for him, and would feel miserable if he missed this opportunity. I guess it's time to step up to the plate momma and do as my Doctor and everyone and there monkey is telling me; rest and take it easy! 

Hoping that this baby and momma can wait a full week to make a safe and healthy appearance!