Monday, June 17, 2013

What's a small child have to do with it?

Obviously, either it's the work of Gabby or the work of this little toad in my belly that has kept me from writing in this blog. I may have to say a combination of both, in fact. 

Fact of the matter is: I am tired ALL the time. Gabby and I keep as busy as we can during the day and as sad as it sounds, I anxiously look forward to her bedtime so I can go to bed too. :(  I feel terrible saying that but it has become my reality. This baby is literally kicking my ass! The baby is always moving, which... don't get me wrong is amazing and an obviously good sign, but some days my belly looks like I am having a baby Dan Aykroyd (Conehead movie) and it's painful... the kicking, the sliding of the knee across the middle then up to my ribcage, the probing. My pelvis has been sore for months now, making it difficult to walk, especially on active days. The swelling is taking over my body, to the point of it pinching on nerves to cause constant numbness in my fingertips and random numbness in my arms... kind of like hitting your 'funny bone' on a regular basis, only it's not so funny. It's pretty awesome to say the least. I wake up in the morning (if I sleep at night) to climb out of bed and throughout the night my hands and feet have become so tight with pressure that it's like walking on nails. My jaw must be swollen too, because my back molars aren't even touching, that's become the newest 'side effect'. I felt pretty shitty yesterday... dizzy, HOT, and I was seeing stars. It kinda scared me a little bit, but assumed it was all from the swelling. Baby was being naughty too, kicking me in places that caused a lot of pain. Needless to say, once we got home from Father's Day/Brady's Fun Day, I got Gabby in her jammies, headed straight upstairs, stripped naked as a j-bird and laid in my bed for 2 hours... feeling cruddy the whole time. Aside from all the bitching, I have been trying to stay as active as possible. I am still able to do "CycleBox", but my biking consists of me standing the whole time, otherwise I'm too compressed to sit and it's too hard on my pelvis. The boxing part is still attainable, except for those damn roundhouse kicks (I substitute a jab for those). "CoreConditioning", well... use your imagination on that one, but I do the best I can... all things considered. "PilatesMix", or... as I like to call it "Pilates Bootcamp" with all the CrossFit Brooke throws in there = I can still do most of it except for Plank work, I have to modify on my forearms cause if I do the full plank my wrists and hands instantly fall asleep. With that being said, you can imagine how well my "Yoga" has been going. The one class that is usually the best for pregnancy is the one class that I can barely do anymore. I can't do the planks or downdog without my hands, wrists and arms falling asleep. Obviously, no chaturanga's or cobras and lets just say that plow is, well... out! I have become really good at legs up the wall pose though.  :)  If it wasn't for all of this remodel/construction going on at the house and having to deal with things here and there, I'd be able to get my butt to class more often, but then... I guess I do have an excuse to slow down a little bit. Speaking of remodel, the painters finish tomorrow (hopefully). I think by the middle of next week, we should be pretty much done and able to get into our new bedroom and get the baby's room set up. Gabby saw her room today after they painted and she said, "it looks awesome"... She's pretty excited to get in, as I am. I am looking forward to getting our house back in order, some of the sheet rock dust wiped off my furniture and floors and most of all, A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP! It so damn hot up in our temporary bedroom right now I just can't seem to get comfortable. Our new bedroom is on the main level and is so peacefully cool that it makes me drool thinking about being able to sleep in there. Oh and, we'll finally have an actual door on our bedroom. Won't that be something? I have all my baby stuff in storage so it will be nice to get the baby's room set up and a little organized. I haven't bought a single item for the baby, not a thing... no, I take that back...I did buy a couple things on a friends garage sale a couple weeks ago, but I just have no where to put anything right now with the mess I have going on in the house that I can't bring myself to even get diapers. If this baby comes early (which, I would gladly welcome at this point) I will be screwed.  HOPEFULLY, the baby waits just 2 weeks longer and I can get things organized, cleaned and put away ... then, baby... 'COME VISIT MOMMA, CAUSE I CAN'T WAIT TO HOLD YOU' oh, and stop having you beat the crap out of me in every way possible. 

I'd start with all the farming issues this year, but really, what's the point? We all know about the rain, and there isn't anything we can do about it. But it's pretty ironic that we did this addition/remodel to the house and now we have no corn in the ground. Shit happens, right? Shhh, don't tell my husband that!

To summarize: This pregnancy hasn't gone the best and well, since my pregnancy with Gabby was a breeze, I guess I was long over due and I deserve it. However, I wouldn't change anything about this pregnancy because I know we are very fortunate that I am able to carry a child full term and let's face it: Baby's are a miracle. So, as long as this little monkey comes out with all the parts needed to exist in this crazy world, I will deal with it until he/she decides to make an appearance. Because honestly, I cannot wait to hold him/her, squeeze him/her, love him/her and call him/her Dax/Rya.

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