Thursday, June 27, 2013

Busy day...

Ah, it was a good night. Feeling rested, with good intentions for the day, it was the day my hubs needed to get the washer/dryer moved from upstairs down to the new laundry room. That went well, said with absolutely no sarcasm!! But, on the upside, we had already planned on taking out the carpet on the stairs and the painters had already been scheduled to come back for touch ups, and/or the occasional hole in the wall. Hopefully, the washer/dryer will be hooked up and ready to go for the weekend. Plumbers worked hard all day to get lots done, cabinets are coming in the morning and plumbing will be finished by end of day (hopefully). Cleaner is coming Sunday (apparently she doesn't like weekends) and electrician to finish Monday. Now, with that being said, that's if all goes smoothly. Stucco dudes are chipping away, man I didn't realize how much work that stuff is. If the weather would cooperate, they could get the final coat with the color on... My mother has been my savior and putting all my curtain rods up to save us some time when it comes time for us to actually move in. I am feeling rather helpless in my condition. (Condition? Really? I'm not dying, but you'd think so being around my family, they won't let me do anything. AND, I don't do very well watching, I'm a hands on girl... Oh, and I don't like to ask for help, incase that's news to you). Anyway, thanks mom for all your help! Fatty will be back to normal here soon, then bending over to get that drill bit you dropped won't take me 45 minutes or the sound effects that go along with the movement!

All-in-all a better day today. Hit up Pilates in the morning, which brought on a really bad headache, which turned pre-migraine before too long. Had intentions of running some errands for a job I'm working on and then going to visit grandma, but that was fizzled by a quick call from hubs who needed lunch. Turns out, I had to be home anyway for house stuff. Got home, thought I was gonna throw up on grandpa, got to the house... It had passed, but the migraine wasn't  helping. What do you do when you have a migraine, jump on the lawn mower and get some fresh air... Our yard sure looks nice (that of which that can be mowed anyway). And it bounced my migraine away... Thank goodness. Gator ride, more mowing, gator ride, cleaning, watching mom hang curtain rods 103 inches off the floor, cleaning, shower and finally Gabby to bed at almost 10. I made the mistake of sitting down...almost couldn't get back up. My feet are so swollen and hurt to walk on. But, I got some sun on my water retaining, could be pregnant themselves arms so all is good on the home front. 

Gabby is tent camping with one of her BFF's tomorrow, overnight and couldn't be more excited. Bless your heart Andrew, and may The Lord be with you! 

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