Thursday, June 27, 2013

36 wk Doctor visit, fun stuff for Gabby...

Blood Pressure was high today... Baby is good. Just need to keep an eye out for a fever with the way I've been feeling and being down on the scale since 3 weeks ago. The one time I lose weight, turns out its not such a good thing. Drats! Believe me, it's no intention of mine to diet during these 10 freebie months, but I guess when you struggle to do all you can to not launch your cookies on the closest neighbor, it has a tendency to happen. But, the baby had dropped and nestled its way into the birthing canal so at least it gives me a little room to feel like I can have a little bit of supper at night. Speaking of that, thanks babe for bringing home supper tonight. Even though, they messed up my order, it was nice to get a little something in my stomach after this early afternoon vomit session! 

Since I have only {ONLY?? :( } 4 weeks left and have been thinking a lot about what to do for my sweet 4 yr old, I decided to go to the mall and pick up some maternity shirts (since 2 of the 4 I have just got ruined in the laundry last night). No, I'm not that selfish and bought Gabby some fat clothes. I decided to kill 2 tweeties with one pebble and strolled down to Crazy 8 to see what I could find. I don't want her being left out when baby comes cause it's already gonna be hard enough on her so... She's been bugging me for pretty shoes with a heel - and I found some. Even though, they are a tiny bit big AND I couldn't wait til the baby comes to give them to her... She got them tonight with a romper. I could barely get the shoes off her for bed. :) I love it when I score, cause usually she never likes what I pick out...weird!

And to seal the deal, I did get her an outfit and a treat for at the hospital when she comes to meet baby! The outfit is from daddy and I, the treat is from the baby. That little baby is smart, he/she already knows how to win over his/her big sis! Um, by the way... I fricken love that store. Never bought anything in there until today and cute as H.E.double hockey sticks are the clothes. Not to mention; everything is on sale and cheap, if its not! 

Shit just got real....

Oh, and... I finally bought some diapers and wipes tonight. ;) Only because we should be able to get moved into our new bedrooms Monday night/Tuesday and I can finally get the baby's room ready, onsies out of storage, washed and ready. Now, if we just knew if the baby had an innie or an outtie I'd be able to get some fun stuff.

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