Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter's Gotta Go...

This winter thing has to go: My poor child has become completely stir crazy with cabin fever. She is so anxious (as well as I am) to get outside. We have had a long couple of weeks. She's developed this new found attitude and likes to tell me 'no'... (more then usual)

We had a run in one day, and it was a tough one, the first of many for Gabby and I. But, we got through it. We both cried a little bit, well... alot, but that's just us I'm afraid to say (sorry honey, you have been blessed with my emotion). This last week, Gabby decided to give Bitzi a hair cut. I busted her and she quit (after I nearly scared the crap out of her... no I didn't threaten to beat her, she didn't see me coming so I literally scared the crap out of her), but I guess she thought she did a pretty good job... so she decided to give herself a hair cut:

I had to add this photo last, every time I see it, it makes me sad... I can see the hurt just in the side of her face as her make-up (yes, make-up) runs slightly along her eye from crying so hard.

When she saw my face after she realized what she did, she cried instantly and cried hard. She didn't want me to look at her and see what she had done. I think she saw the disappointment in my face, which I am now sorry about because I saw so much hurt in her face. I know that every child does this, in fact... I have done it... probably at about her age. I do have to give her credit, she does have style: I thought for sure she was going to look like a boy after we had her hair 'fixed'. But, she looks even more adorable then ever with her new pixie cut. 

She was able to get outside a little bit this and go for a gator ride with daddy on Sunday, of course they got the gator stuck and Bitzi stayed to guard her toddler while daddy ran up to the shed to get the skid loader to 'unstuck' them. I, on the other had, was in the house sleeping, yes sleeping. I went up to Faribo on Friday with my mom and Gabby to see my Grandma who was just moved to a nursing home after her stroke. Feeling exhausted the whole drive and wishing I could just lay down and sleep. We all made it home and I put Gabby to bed at 9pm and went right upstairs to bed myself. Not feeling the greatest Saturday morning, Gabby and I headed off to our Saturday morning Yoga routine, hoping the heat in Yoga would make me feel better. Not as I expected. All I wanted to do was come home and sleep. That, my friends, was not in Gabby's agenda, so nap we did not. Went out with some friends Saturday night to an awesome restaurant in Osage, IA and bar hopped on the way home. It's funny how many people still want to make sure you have a sober cab even with a (obviously) pregnant chic in the group. Needless to say, we didn't get home until 1:30am, and I was beat. Went to bed, got up Sunday morning at 8am with Gabby and felt like dying. I finally had to go upstairs about 10am and tell Dave that I had to lay down. Pa, lay down or die? I died, pretty much until 5pm. And the only reason I got up then was because Dave's parents were coming out to see Gabby, the house and bring us supper. They stayed for a little bit, I looked like death I'm sure and they left around 7 or maybe I little after. I went upstairs, crawled in bed... it was 7:45pm. Shortly after Gabby went to bed, I dozed off. Slept, off and on, over the night. Which I can hardly believe. Normally I need to take Melatonin or Unisom to help me fall asleep and I thought for sure after sleeping all day that I would need a whole bottle to fall asleep. I didn't even think about taking anything, I was out. Slept til 8am this morning, sent Gabby to Daycare so I could get the house cleaned up and laundry done and let Gabby have a 'fun day'. I ended up having to lay down around lunch time, and still slept for a couple hours. I have a chest cold, but what on earth is this completely exhausted-ness from? I've never slept this much in my entire life, especially not in one lump sum. I also have this awesome pain in my hips, the top of my hips... maybe lower back, not real sure how to explain it. I am a side sleeper and I swear the only reason I woke up at all is because the hip I was laying on started to ache so I had to switch sides. Did I mention we have a TempurPedic bed, how can this be?? Now, when I bend over, I look like a 95 yr old man who just dropped his dentures on the floor when I try to stand back up. It's awesome!

And the rambling is over... 

They worked on our house today, started framing... Here's a couple quick pics of the work they did today. More details to follow:

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