Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sex of Baby - Gabby's Birthday

Well, it's official... we are having a baby. We had our 20 week u/s last Thursday and to my surprise, Dave made the decision to not find out the sex of the baby. I was hoping he wouldn't because I didn't want to know until the bitter end, but I left the decision up to him. I wouldn't let him find out with Gabby so I figured I would at least give him the opportunity to choose with this one. Even though he was back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth) in the u/s room, he made the 'undecided' decision to wait. Now the question is: Did I look away when the tech told us too? hmmmm "I'll never tell!" (I was signing that, if you couldn't tell)  ;)

All in all, baby looks well... everything is where is should be and all the parts that should be there, are. They couldn't see the back two chambers of the heart because of the way the baby was scrunched up and he/she wasn't being very cooperative so they had to give up this round. The baby also had it's hands up in it's face almost the entire u/s so they couldn't see one half of the mouth, but they didn't seem concerned about there being any issues. Measuring a few days early and gaining weight at a normal pace. 

Speaking of gaining weight, good Lord. Lately I feel like when I go to the gym it's like it's the first time I've ever stepped foot in that place. I can't hardly run anymore my pelvis hurts when I do so I'm lucky to make a mile before I have to quit, not to mention the little bugger sits soooo low that he/she pushed down on my pelvis to create more pressure. I about died today in Pilates and could almost barely make it through a Level 1 Vinyasa class tonight. Already? I worked out up until the week Gabby was born and now at 5 months, I can barely do anything. My teaching is going to come to a halt here pretty soon too, or at least the option of me demonstrating is. I can hardly get into any twisting poses (for obvious reasons), chair pose (or Fierce Pose for you new generation Yogi's) isn't really chair pose anymore. In chair, your feet are supposed to be touching, from toes to heel... ya right. It looks more like Fat Chick Down Pose then anything. My feet are at least hip width apart, and forget about lifting my heart to the sky... pah, good luck. It's funny too, cause just last Wednesday, I was demonstrating to my class how to do Hurdler's Pose, now this week I'll be lucky to get into Runner's Lunge.  :(  (However, I do a killer Mountain Pose).  ;)

I do have to say though, aside from all the things that I "can't do", I love to feel the baby move, kick... whatever they do. I do think this little bugger is way more active then Gabby. Or maybe it's that this baby is sitting so very low that I feel it just above my pelvis and with Gabby because she was sitting a little higher, she couldn't quite kick through the layer of insulation to get mommy's attention. 

At this stage of my pregnancy, being almost 21 weeks in... the migraines have eased, but the uncomfortable-ness is starting to set in. I have a fear that the migraines will soon be re-appearing. We have started construction on our house, trees removed, soil samples taken and permits pulled. Garage/Master Bedroom is being removed Friday. Please pray for us all as we hope to make it through this addition still speaking to one another, or at least still married. :) Let the fun begin!

Onto Gabby...
My little darling turned 4 yesterday, which I can barely believe. The ever so clever saying: Where does the time go? She had a weekend full of parties. We had a little Yoga Princess party for her at the Yoga Studio on Saturday where she had 6 of her little friends come and do yoga, dance, get their faces painted, do a few art projects and of course get all tatted up. She had a great time and was sad when it was over.

Sunday we went to Grandpa & Grandma Tangren's to have our family party where she got lots of make-up (anyone that knows Gabby would say 'weird'), lots of clothes and fun things for her to do and play with. Of course Monday, (on her birthday) she had to get all dressed up in her new clothes and make-up to go to the Y (no, I didn't let her wear the shorts to the Y). Even though I am annoyed with all the make-up and hope that this is just a faze, I do have to say... for a 4 yr. old, she does a hell of a job with her make-up. Even putting on mascara better then most of my friends. But, of course, with eye lashes like hers, she could put it on blind and bouncing on a trampoline and still not get any on her eyelids. However, we need to work a little bit on the lipstick...

Happy Birthday to my sweet, loving and kind hearted soul. Gabby, you are amazing! My life began when you came into this world. 

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