Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday 2012

Just a quick post to show Santa's gifts this year and what all the excitement was about. And of course, the result of the end of the festivities.

Contacts in hand

Gabby was running a pretty good fever last night, so when she decided to get up at 2am, I decided she could sleep in daddy's spot since he wasn't using it. She was up and raring to go this morning at 7am. No fever, but she wanted me to get up so she kindly brought me my contacts. One, squeezed tightly in between each thumb and index finger. Thanks honey!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas is near

As I was wrapping presents tonight, Gabby decided she wanted to make Grandma Rita and Pappa Pete Christmas presents. Works for me, I can actually get some wrapping done without the welcomed helpings of a 3 year old. She taped her paper to the fridge and drew a picture, placed tape appropriately on her gift, all in a straight line. After I wrote out Grandma's name on a piece of paper for her to copy, she had finished. Then we wrapped the present, all the while with her feet wiggling franticly and a gigantic smile on her face. Repeat for Grandpa Pete's present. I've never seen such simple joy in anyone eyes before. What a great night! She (we) are so excited for Christmas. She keeps asking if 'its here yet'? Almost sweetheart, almost!

And with the post, realizing how much I miss it... I promise to be more diligent in tracking your life's journey. You are my world, Gabby and have been since the day you were born! I love you!