Saturday, September 11, 2010

Neck-ed as a Jay-Bird

We went to supper tonight at a nearby restaurant and Gabby was exceptionally great. Normally, she is trying to 'escape' her high chair and wants nothing to do with us. But, she is trying, desperately, to be a 'big girl' and use the spoon to feed herself... and, even though she may make a complete mess (most of the time) it's something that she has to learn. Since she is so unbelievably independent, there really is no other way. She is bound and determined to 'do it all by herself', (even though she gets more on her face, shirt & table, then she does in her mouth, she doesn't seem to mind). It's the point that she wants to do it herself, and do it herself she does. She did, really enjoy her peas tonight, a few of daddy's french fries, none of mommy's fish, baked potato or carrots, but she ate about 4 individual packs of saltine crackers and most of her apple's (that she insisted on feeding herself). We got home, mommy gave her a bath and after her bath (that she is starting to actually enjoy), I brought her downstairs, combed her hair, put her lotion on and then... naked as a jay-bird, told her to run and get daddy! Of course, she ran (as usual) and right up to daddy. I swear, he didn't know what to do. He picked her up, like she was covered in poop and kissed her on her lips. All she wanted was a hug. After he saw her eyes, and realized how sad she was. He squeezed her tight, and of course, gave her one more (or another 7) kiss(es). I thought it was funny. She is only 18 months old and he said, 'she better never run around naked like that when she's in high school'. Really? Is that was teenagers do? I think not! Especially not with mom and dad in the house. It is funny to me though, that we, as mothers see a naked baby and think ... 'how adorable' and a daddy see's his baby girls as ... 'oh my God, I am in trouble when she is older'. Boys... that's all I have to say. I just see her little, bare butt, bouncing in excitement on her way to surprise daddy and be so free, knowing that she is not wearing a constricting diaper (wouldn't you be). Who would want to wear one, 24 hours out of every day, day after day... on purpose?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One smart cracker...

I may be a little bias, but I think we my have one smart little cracker in our lunch box. We are having our annual Labor Day party at the house this weekend, and when Gabby went down for her nap today... I decided I should maybe dust the sun room. Dust I did, but before, I set my four Demdaco angels that I have setting on the entertainment stand, onto the couch so I didn't have to dust around them, and forgot them there. After Gabby got up for her nap, I was vacuuming the hardwood floors in the sun room... with Gabby close at hand, of course. As she pretends to be mommy with her pink lawn mower, I looked over to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble. I see her taking the Demdaco's off the couch and very carefully setting them back on the entertainment stand, in their original position (minus her favorite angel, which I later found in the living room, next to her dolly). Hmmm, I love that little girl. She loves to stare at the angels on the entertainment stand and she only seems to want to touch (play) with the one angel. I let her... cause seriously, whatever builds her imagination... I'm all for it. She even shares her 'tea' with the angel and her dolly. :) So, even though she is developing the {terrible two's} attitude at this early age... I'll let it slide. But the countdown begins. She got the "you have 3 counts to get off those stairs" before you get a spankin' (YES, I THINK IT'S OKAY TO SPANK MY CHILD... TURN ME IN AND/OR TELL ME I AM A BAD PARENT... THEN TELL ME WHY KIDS THESE DAYS HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ADULTS, AUTHORITY, or for that matter, any sort of WORK ETHIC). It took one time for her to learn to get off the stairs ( tomorrow?... that's another day, and one that we aren't guaranteed anyway). So... I have this to say: as I lay her down to sleep, I pray the Lord her soul to keep, if I should die before she wake, I pray the 'angel' takes my place.

Gabby takes advantage of every moment she gets to spend with daddy. She lays with him, I swear, every single time he sits down on the couch. I'm cool with it, cause it's 'their thing'. :)