Sunday, August 29, 2010

She loves to share...

Considering that Gabby only goes to daycare for a couple hours out of each day while mommy works out, she does exceptionally well with others. She isn't real shy and warms up to others quickly. She even loves to share. Not just her toys, her food or her drink, but she loves to share the sniffles. She spends the night at Grandma & Grandpa's and then comes home with a runny nose, literally just a runny nose. She is pretty good at hiding her other symptoms... if she has any. However, the loved she shared hit mommy and daddy pretty hard. For the first time in this household, we were all sick at the same time. And honestly, I am ready for it to be over. I'm sick of the pounding headaches and the constant grip on my chest that makes it almost impossible to take a deep breath. Be gone already!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

George... A.K.A Hudson, Reincarnated

I do believe that Hudson has found a way to come back to us. Our stray kitten that showed up last week, has decided to stick around, despite the very territorial Dakota. He LOVES to cuddle, snuggle and even doesn't mind Gabby 'loving it, and squeezing it and calling it George'. He has been hanging out with Dave in the shop all week, Dave even warms up hot dogs for him (cause I haven't gotten him kitty food yet). We don't know where he came from, but he is the friendlies kitten I have ever seen and it's just incredible that he doesn't even mind when Gabby picks him up by the neck. He just kind of looks at you with a 'seriously?' look on his face AND... the best part, he even loves our daily family tradition = Gator rides... just like Hudson did. This is why I do believe that he is Hudson, reincarnated. Do I sound crazy? Sure, and that's fine. But God works in mysterious ways and if it makes it easier for me to accept the fact our Hudson is gone, then so be it. "I will love him, and squeeze him and call him George." So, we named him George (thanks Nan :) ), for obvious reasons. And now, we have a new member to our family (whether you like it or not, Dakota!) ...and he has a new home.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Marley & Me ain't got nothing on Hudson & I...

It just dawned on me that I haven't even put a post in my blog about my Hudson...

I got Hudson, as a puppy (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) January 1st of 2003 and he was the sweetest thing on the planet, dark chocolate fur and bright blue eyes. The easiest puppy to potty train, I think he had one accident in the house before he said 'hey, this is easy... if I just pee and poop out here, I get the goods in there' ... he did like the corner of my couch cushion though and I still have the cushion to prove it. He protected me at my little 'ol house in Austin when I lived there alone. Every night he would lay with me for 10 minutes (until he got hot) then he would slide out to the foot of my bed and make sure no one harmed me, or if I had a bad dream... he was there to snuggle up with and make it all better. And he always did. He was my gentle giant and when he wanted more love, all he had to do was put his (gigantic) paw on your lap and look at you with that 'I love you' look and you couldn't resist. I remember one day, he ran out into the road that I lived on (a very busy road) and he ran, directly into a pizza delivery car. Needless to say, Hudson was the winner of that battle. Before I even knew what happened, he ran into the house and laid in the corner of the living room. With a knock on the door, I stand confused. The pizza delivery guy came up, with a dent in his car and endless curiosity as to how the 'dog that hit him' was doing. Hudson came out just fine, the pizza delivery car... not so good. And, lets just say... that was the last time that Hudson ever traveled into the street. Not soon after that, I met the love of my life, and he lived on a farm, with lots of land for him to run and a 'best friend' of his own. Shortly after that, we both moved to the farm and Hudson couldn't have been happier. He had a roost to rule and lots of 'stuff' to pee on. And pee on 'stuff' he did, there wasn't a vehicle that came into the yard, that didn't have all or one tire 'cleaned'. Hudson and Jake (Dave's Yellow Lab) were the best of buds. Facts for sure, Hudson's bark was always bigger then his bite, Jake always followed Hudson and Hudson made sure it played out no differently. And funny enough, even dogs know... Jake came from an abused home when my husband took him in, and under Hudson's wing he went, right from the get go. If you were to come to our house and see Hudson, you wouldn't even hesitate to turn your biscuits right around and head the other way, he literally looked like a small brown bear and with Jake's bark... there wasn't a burglar in a 50 miles radius that would have taken the chance (sometimes I wonder how the UPS guy does it...oh, because I found out later... he keeps 'treats' in his pocket at all times.... that's one smart UPS dude.) Anyway, Hudson was a good fit to each one of our family members. He was good to Gabby, he let her ride on his back and tug on his ears and fur and he just sat there with a look on his face that read, 'seriously?'. He was our Hudson, he was our small bear, he was (one of) our best friend(s). Never-the-less, as most of you know... Hudson had to be put down, due to an accident that left him with a dislocated hip. Beings that he was so big, it just wouldn't work for him to 'work' with only 3 legs. So, I had to make the decision to put him to eternal rest, and I had to make my loving husband do the dirty work. I couldn't be there to say goodbye, so Dave, my mom, Dave's dad and the vet... painlessly, put him to rest. I did find out after the fact that my husband, who is so selfless and incredible, prepared Hudson a last meal, complete with grilled hot dogs and left-over pizza. (There just wasn't time to get steak). :) God bless his soul. So, to those who say: "IT'S JUST A DOG!".... go get one, let it be your best friend, let it be there for you through the years, let it into your life, and your family's life... then put it to sleep. Then you can get back to me and let me know how it went.

Hudson was laid to rest in our backyard, underneath 3 Maple Trees and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Unfortunate as it is, our female Chesapeake, Dakota, was in heat just as Hudson was injured... so our plan to have him breed her, wasn't a success... so the hope for Hudson's offspring is no more. And, I think that saddens me more then knowing how much Dakota and Jake miss him.

Hudson is on the right, Dakota on the left.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gabby LOVES to dance...

This little girl just makes me laugh every single day... This video was actually taken a few months ago, daddy thought it would be funny to put her baby UGG's on (which we too big for her yet) and make her walk around in them.

Gabby meets Kitty... Gabby loves kitty... Kitty loves Gabby... till death do us part!

We had a stray kitty come up to the yard the other day and Gabby loves her 'new friend'... she couldn't get enough of her. She has to kiss everything and she knows that she has to kiss everything on the lips... so, with that being said, watch til the end of the video and you'll see... she made sure to kiss the kitty on the lips. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I think it's time to blog...

It's been so long since the last time that I wrote in my blog, that I had to go back and read through some of my last posts so I could remember where I left off. Yikers! This is the craziness that summers bring. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day... and part of me wishes that summer would just get over already so we could all have some time to breathe and maybe relax a little. Of course, as I say that I think about the Minnesota winters and it puts a chill up my spine and it has me thinking, "God, I wish summer would just get here already". But in reality, along with the warmth of the sun, the smell of pretty flowers and the giggles of the children playing in pools and on playground sets... it also brings endless weekends of weddings, BBQ's, family reunions, softball tournaments, golf tournaments, golf tournaments and golf tournaments. And in the wake of all the madness, leaves little time to spend down at the Lake to relax and actually enjoy the sun, smell the flowers, wade with the kids in the pool and hang with them on the monkey bars. With that said, now you know why I haven't posted anything lately... and I am a stay at home mom. Who knew!

Gabby is still the core in my apple, the seeds in my watermelon and the fuzzy stuff that surrounds kiwi, only now (and only on rare occasions) she has become that little black bug at the end of corn on the cob. You know, that little black bug that takes the picnic out of bug? Yah, that one. You don't see them all that often and you usually only find them on the sweetest ones, but never-the-less, they are there. Have no fear, the corn is never ruined either, all you really have to do is flick the bug, and cut out the partially eaten kernel... and it's just like new. And Gabby is the same way, once in a while, she decides... 'Hey mommy, I'm not gonna take a nap today and then I am going to be super duper crabby and then I am going to 'roar like a lion' when you want me to go to sleep at night because I am super duper over tired.' Then, just like that, she sleeps (I flick the bug) and she wakes in the morning, like a brand new ear of sweetcorn and you would never have known that she went to bed with a bug on her ear the night before!

I do have many more things to say (can you believe it?) and pictures to upload... but... not tonight! I'm off like a prom dress, doped up on Exedrin and hoping to get some sleep tonight.