Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What have we done to our society?

It's after 11pm on Wednesday evening. After finishing up some work, checking to make sure monkey is tucked... snuggly into bed, I read some online news. Now my heart is racing and my stomach is turning. I have read two articles tonight... 1). A man from Hastings, MN is accused of raping a 9 month old infant. Yes, I wrote that right, it's not a typo. For proof, here is the link to the article in the Star Tribune. 2). In Utah, a man and MOTHER of a 4-year old boy are accused of beating the 4-year old to death and then using a hammer to disfigure his face and teeth before they buried him in the woods. Once again, here is the link to the article. I don't understand why our ancestors stopped the public hangings in the town square. These three people (along with alarming amounts of others in this country) should be strapped to a cactus in the middle of the dessert, balls (men only) tacked to the cactus with two rusty nails and the families of the victims should be allowed to do whatever they want to them. Then when they are done, let the Vultures finish them off, slowly. It's a waste that we spend so much money on 'corralling' these animals in prison so they can live a better life. My opinion, we don't do enough to punish these people and that is why it keeps happening. I can't even explain what I would do if someone hurt my Gabby like this. And it breaks my heart and makes me wonder, why? Why would God allow this to happen, how could he put a child, so helpless and innocent, in harms way? Then I think, we have done this to ourselves. We have locked him out of our schools, our government and our lives... why should we ask him to protect us? America has become so greedy, selfish, inconsiderate and in all honesty... just bad. And who pays for it, our children... and they too will grow up someday! I also think too, why would he allow someone like this mother to bear children when there are so many families out there that can't conceive and would actually be 'good parents'? Does he really mean, 'what doesn't kill us, will make us stronger'? If this were my child... I WOULD RATHER BE DEAD!

Sorry for the ramblings, I couldn't go to sleep cause my heart hurt so bad from reading these stories. I pray for the family of the 9-month old and the father of the little boy in Utah. May you have the courage to be stronger then steel and may your pain be eased by 'justice'.

Geez, from reading this, I might want to go to church. :(

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"My Cup Run-eth Over"

For one, I didn't realize that I have become such a bad, bad blogger. But, I guess that's what happens when you become a mom, you just don't have time for all the things you did before. Gabby is incredible... from the time she wakes up, until the time (just before) she has to say 'nye nye' to daddy... she has a smile on her face. She makes me laugh, cry (a good cry) and dream sweet dreams. She makes everything fun! She's learning to use crayons, sometimes she likes to eat them. She likes to put her chicken strips on her head during supper and see how long she can balance them on there. She loves to splash the bubbles and the water in the bathtub and make a complete mess of mommy's bathroom. She loves, loves, loves 'Finding Nemo' and our John Deere Gator rides to look at the trees, birds, and watch the puppies run. She loves to ride in her little pink wagon to go see Grandpa Pete and daddy. She loves to take her socks and shoes off... ALL THE TIME! She still loves her books, we have to go the her bookshelf every morning to get a new book to look at while changing her diaper. She likes to brush her teeth, or chew on the toothbrush. She's is making it difficult to brush her teeth, so any good advice would be helpful. She loves her morning snuggles with daddy, her yogurt for breakfast and her banana cookies for dessert. She hates to have her face washed, her socks on and her temp taken (wonder why?) :)

All in all, she is the core of my apple, the seeds in my watermelon and the fuzzy stuff that surrounds Kiwi!