Monday, January 25, 2010

Have you ever had your heart ripped from your chest?

Man o man, if it's not one thing it's the other. My darling husband has been quite the trooper lately, helping out tons with Gabby and I think he has actually even found his nitch in the kitchen. Even though, he might not like to admit it, he is quite the cook and since I (even though I love to cook) can't cook anything right for the picky-est person on the planet... he has assumed the duties. And that is just A-O-K by me. On top of that, he has been sick with a cold for the past week, but still feeling like crap, he has managed to take care of all of us.

Friday night we discovered that our brand new wood floor in our kitchen and our dining room has been ruined. Today we found out that our dishwasher has been leaking and soaking the pad underneath the wood floor and since we don't have a basement (nor a shut off valve on the dishwasher connection), it has nowhere to go but up into the porous wood above. Sweet! Why (one would ask) couldn't this have happened BEFORE the old wood floor and carpet in the dining room were replaced. Not only would the wood floor have been quite a bit less expensive, but also... even a lesser pain in the arse! :(

Yesterday, the Queens lose, my husband is heart broken (along with 98% of Minnesota) and he could come close to settling into a deep depression. And, of course, to add injury to insult... our little butter bean has gotten quite the cold/cough. She's had a cough for a couple days, but Sunday it sounded almost like a bark. After the game, we gave her a bath in hopes that it would make her feel better and sleep more soundly through the night. After her bath, I lubed her up on her back, chest and feet with Vicks and tucked her snug as a bug into bed. And even though she still managed to sleep (semi) soundly, she woke up with the vicious bark in tow, followed with intermittent weezes between the coughs. I sat in the steam shower with her for a while to try and loosen it up, with no luck. After trying to get her down for a nap, with no luck... I caved and called the PAN. She advised me to bring her in... and this my friends, is where my heart gets ripped from my chest. They were unsure if she had Croup or a Bronchial infection, so they wanted to do a respiratory test. I had to hold her hands and legs down with one arm, hold a mask with hoses and medicine in the other and listen to her scream bloody murder...FOR SEVEN (long) MINUTES. She is almost 11 months old, and I have never heard her cry like that before... it about broke my heart... oh wait, it did! In the midst of doing all this, since I was all alone... (the nurse even left me)... Gabby knocked the medicine out of the respirator and then yanked the hose out. So I fumble trying to get it put back together (cause I do this shit all the time) and not drop Gabby, who is flailing about trying to get the hell away from me. I finally get it all put back together and back on and then she grabs the rubber band that (is supposed to) hold the mask on and rips it clear to the other side of the room. You know that old saying 'what goes up, must come down'? Well, this didn't go up, it went over and it didn't come down it went right back to where is started... right smack dab on her friecken cheek. You know, just incase she wasn't crying hard enough! Who invents this crap for kids?! Well, by this time, I have tears streaming down my face, Gabby is screaming & sweating like she just beat up Bret Favre for throwing that ridiculous last pass and the nurse walks in. Sweet! I am a bit of a cryer, but consider myself pretty strong when it comes to stuff like that. As far as shots, etc. for Gabby... no tears for me. However, it was way beyond me today... Long story short, Gabby has a Bronchial infection and we have to give her nebulizer treatments until the cough goes away.... hopefully!

Onto this afternoon and into the evening! Gabby had not had a nap, we had her appointment at 1:00 and at 2:30 (still in the doctor's office), she is sound asleep in my lap (pretty much crying herself to sleep). After getting her meds, we get home and I try to get her down for another nap. We rock, she sleeps, I put her in her crib, she coughs, she wakes up, and we repeat. I finally got to the point where I just held onto her, she snuggled so deep into my arms, it was hard to not enjoy it and take it all in (even though I know she didn't feel well). She sleeps for only a little bit, she gets up, we eat, she cries, we do her nebulizer treatment, she cries, we try to sleep, she cries, we try to sleep, she cries. Then whilst she was sitting up, I was rubbing her back, I had an itch on my chest, I scratched it, she comes flying back, with her head right on my wedding ring. She cries, she's sweating, we rock, she cries. We go upstairs to try to lay down, I am trying to rearrange the pillows, I hit her head on the edge of the beam, she cries, I cry, she goes to daddy, she cries, daddy feeds her a bottle, she cries, then she sleeps! :( What a bad day... :(

Even though Gabby ...and mommy... have had the worst day ever, I still managed to get this picture snapped off, post-nebulizer treatment, pre-ring-beam-conk. (Way to go mom!)

She is quite the little trooper! I love you, honey!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

She's a walking machine...

Well, besides the fact that our little butter bean crawled (effectively and efficiently) for the 1st time on Christmas Eve night... she is now standing on her own, climbing on almost anything she can get her paws on and she took her first (assisted) step tonight whilst daddy was holding her hands. Even though she seemed scared to death with knees trembling and all, she was so proud when she took that step. She had a smile from ear to ear (oh wait, she always does)... And how she does it is beyond me. She has a fever, a cold, a cough and has 4 molars coming through... all at the same time. She is one tough little munchkin, if you ask me. She has spent most of the day sleeping, trying to get through this little 'mess' she is in, but still always manages to give lots of hugs, kisses, 'I love you' waves and plenty of smiles. Not to mention the fact that she always is full of chatter and endless conversation (I swear, one of these days, I will know what the uuuhhhh's, ya ya's, na na's (we already know what that means), ahhhh's and screeches day), but either way, she will keep me smiling for decades with her 'words'. I do know what mamma and dadda mean though :) Now, if we could just get her to say 'daddy, I want a baby sister/brother', we'll be set to go. :) j/k

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new year...

Ufta, I may have forgotten how to blog.... oh no, here it is, I remember.

I'm not sure where I left off, or if anyone really reads my blog, so I guess it really doesn't matter. I use this mainly to vent and document my family's life. I guess you could say this is mainly just a written (cyber-space) testament of how I feel about my family.

Since I last blogged, Gabby has recovered from her first ear infection(s), learned to crawl, stand on her own and wave hello/good-bye (backwards). But, just the same... she is still the apple of my eye, the core to my soul and the effortless meaning that put me on this planet. God has his plan, and really... it's a good one.

Even though her first Christmas was full of hugs, kisses, mounds of bows and surprisingly 'silent' (only for you, Jim) toys that seemed to go (un-awaringly) unappreciated only to be overwhelmed by the wrapping paper and cheap-ass boxes (who needs toys)...we all seemed to have a splendid time and enjoyed every moment of all of our family. Watching the kids open their presents (one-at-a-time) was probably the most enjoyable, for me anyway. I do, on-the-other-hand, enjoy the 'kids will say anything' theme and knowing that Alexa can't make her way to Grandpa to pass out presents because she 'doesn't have a door' (through all her presents) to make her way is quite the classic and one we will never forget. Never a dull moment. :) Those are the moments that capture the heart of the season, and truly, what would family be without them?

On a side note, Gabby is becoming more and more fun each day, she wakes up happy each day, she LOVES her books and am pretty sure she couldn't (nor wouldn't) do without mommy & daddy's kisses and snuggles. She could sit next to daddy on the couch, with pacifier and taggies in hand and sit for hours... if she could... sometimes drifting off to sleep, but only for a moment... sure to not miss anything. If it wasn't for daddy picking her up and putting her to nap in her crib, we would have a true couch potato on our hands. I am thankful that our little munchkin still sleeps thru the night, now with minimal interruptions to insert pacifier, she goes to her crib at night (and for naps) drowsy, yet awake and puts herself to sleep (with a little help from GlowBug). She truly is such a joy and after visiting friends of ours newest addition... I so want another. :) "Six months?", I told my husband the other day... only time will give you the answer that he gave me. :)

With that being said...

Welcome to this world Mackenna Jo 9lbs. 3oz. born on December 22 to mother Tonya, father Tony and my favorite little golfer, Easton. What a precious little angel she is... (can I come snuggle soon?)

Also, I would like to welcome two little miracles that took a long time coming, but are surely long, long over-due... (and why not make an early appearance since you waited so long to bless this family?) Brynlee, 4lbs 3 oz. & Brekken who weighed in at 3lbs 11oz. born on December 26th. Even though they were both born a month and a half early, both babies are doing well and hopefully able to come home soon. (I have met these two angels, and can see each personality showing through already... it truly is a miracle.) Congratulations to you both, Scott and Kerri. May they both come home with the wealth of love that only parents can know, happiness that can only make the heart grow stronger and the kindness that burrows deep within the soul. Even though the next few months may be hard to adjust too, know this... God created these angels for you, it is your destiny to lead them down the right path. Love will get you through!