Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mommy Stuff

I think I am getting good at this mommy stuff (at least I feel like it anyway). Gabby is 7 1/2 months old and with her 2 bottom teeth both in at 5 months and one top tooth by just about 7 months, I knew (almost 86.5%) that when Gabby had her screaming fit last night (or this morning) at 3am, that the other little ba**ard was finally making it's way in. Sure enough this morning... when she slept til almost 8:15am and woke up with very heavy, red eyes I knew something was up. I rubbed my finger (which she loves) under her top gums and I could barely feel it, but it wasn't quite poking through. After a morning at the Y, a couple hours at a drop in Daycare, a ride with Pappa in the combine and another long ride to get the 'other' Pappa (no worse, no better :) ) we finally got home to have supper and just before she ate...I felt her new toofie. Finally, that little turd cut through and she can at least relax for a little bit... yes, I said little bit. I don't think it will be long before she is crawling either. I was in making her supper tonight and I heard her usual 'mommy, I fell over' grunt and went in the sunroom to prop her back up. Come to find out, she must have tipped over and ended up on her tummy (comfortably)... reaching for her favorite teether. I was so excited, I crawled, no pun intended, down on the floor with her in hopes that she would reach a little farther. Almost! Not long now! :0

Monday, October 12, 2009

Multiple Personalities...

I swear it's true and here are some pictures to prove it!

"I told you, I will not eat those peas. Princess's don't eat green things, icky!"

"Whach you lookin' at?"

"Daddy, mommy is lying... I am 'always' a good girl. See!"

"Daddy, this air guitar thing is awesome! You rock!"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Toofie & 1st Combine ride with Daddy!

Yesterday I was super excited because Gabby took an hour and half nap while I went to Yoga (of course), then in the afternoon, she went down for just under 3 hours. Which for her, is VERY rare. Thinking, 'okay, this little butter bean isn't going to sleep tonight'... (which is what happened last time she took a nap like that). And, I was right... about (exactly) 3:22am, she was up... kicking. Usually, I know that when I see those legs a-flying, it's not just a simple 'put the pacifier back in and go back to sleep'. When she has a 'kick' like that it is usually followed with a smile and a 'common mommy, you know you wanna pick me up' look! Of course I had to pick her up, because I knew that if I would have walked my tired arse back upstairs, she would soon be letting me know... 'mommy, I need you'! So, I picked her up and nestled her in her favorite blanket, sat down in the rocker in her room, kissed her on the cheek, forehead, nose, chin... (you get the idea). Typically, IF (which is rare) I have to rock her back to sleep at night, she is out within minutes. Not last night... no way, no how, nu ah! I looked down at her after about 10 minutes of rocking and she was staring blank-ly at my shoulder. Okay, I'll do another 10 minutes... she had the same look on her face. I'm about falling asleep in the chair and afraid I was going to drop her, I set her back in her crib... pacifier in chompers and Taggies® blanket in hand tucked snuggle-y up against her left cheek. I head back upstairs and hoping to go back to bed.... Ah yah, prolly not mommy! Just as I stepped foot off the last step into our bedroom, I hear on the monitor baby code for 'MOMMY, I'M NOT SLEEPING YET!' So, down I go... rock her for another 10 minutes (or so), and she was still WIDE awake. Against all advice that I have been given, I brought her up to our bed... where normally she loves to lay with us (but never has slept at night), and take naps... but not last night... fussy, fussy, fussy! Figuring that daddy was going to get crabby with me because he was finally able to get in the field... I took her back downstairs and rocked her some more... and finally slid her in her crib about 5:15am, wide awake. Since she is normally really good about going to sleep on her own, I thought I would take the chance. Heading back upstairs, and snuggling back into my bed, I waited... and then drifted off to sleep, not to hear from her until about 7:45am. After a question from my husband today as to 'what was up with Gabby last night?'. Really? Because we get the name tag 'mommy', apparently we are 'just supposed to know'. I am so glad that I got that 'manual' the day I got pregnant. What ever would I have done without it? God has a plan, right? :) And... finally... tonight, I had the answer. That darn tooth that she has been fighting for the past week and a half, poked thru today. I have been cramming my finger in her mouth, multiple times, daily (which she loves), and tonight... like an angel in the sky, there it was! Thank goodness for moms... (mine included) :P

Like I had mentioned before, Dave finally got in the field last night and going strong again today... before the fricken snow. What the hay? I love snow, love it. However, I love it in late November, not in October and not while our life (as well as all of our families lives) is still stuck in the field and unless this weather straightens out... is where it will stay! Meanwhile, my nephew's... (my most favorite Nephew on the planet) birthday is tomorrow {HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN}... but we celebrated today. So Gabby and I headed over to my brother and sister-in-law's house today to hang. On the way home, Gabby and I stopped out to where the guys were combining so Gabby could see daddy and ride in the combine. She seemed to like it, she was intrigued by the beans going in the head... Next year, she will either love it, or hate it. I bet she will like it. Especially if daddy lets her drive it... oh wait, nevermind.... apparently it drives itself! Technology these days... no thank you!

Holy Blabber Jabber.... Hoping tonight is a better night, signing off... and waking up to no snow! Crossies!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Talking up a storm...

Well, our little Butter Bean is chatting up a storm. She 'seems' to have been saying 'hi' for 2 weeks now, I swear (as well as the lady at daycare) that she said 'momma' last week at the Y. Today, she has been talking non-stop. Mostly she is saying 'dadadadada' over and over again, once in awhile, she will throw a 'b' in there. All the same, it's fun listening to her and wondering how long before she talks and we can actually understand her. She really is fun and I look forward to each and every day that she wakes up and something new comes out of her mouth or she learns something new to hold or how to hold it. Grandma Rita was tickling her tonight and she was just laughing her butt off, it was so fun listening to her and watching her. She is so entertaining and so mellow... which makes taking her anywhere fun... We went into JoAnn Fabric today so my mom could get some stuff for her quilts and I brought Gabby in and put her in a cart, she put her foot up on the rail and leaned back... she looked just like the 'chill' baby that she is (or a lot like daddy on Sunday's on the couch)! She also just woke up from a nap so she still has her pacifier in...

We were in Target last week in Rochester doing a little shopping, beings that she was 'getting tired', I just kept her in her car seat and we went a shopping away. As we walked down the first aisle, she did her 'fake cough', I did it back and said "faker". Then she did it again. We went back and forth for about a 1/2 hour, until she finally got tired and out cold she went. :) Our little darling, and the best part... she belongs to us! Getch'r own! ;P

And... she is 7 months old today!