Friday, July 31, 2009

Way over due!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, but then again...that's summer! We went to the Dells last week with my family for our annual family vacation and we all had a lot of fun! We spent lots of time in the over crowded pools, in extremely long lines to hit up the rides and an obscene amount of money on over priced keg beer and snacks. But all in all, everyone had a great time! For our second wedding anniversary, my lovely husband reserved a day just for us at the beautiful Sundara spa...what a beautiful place that is and the best was just the two of us. Grandma Rita was kind enough to take Gabby for the day, thank you again! Gabby experienced her first kiddy pool too. Although she only dabbled in up to her high thighs, she really seemed to like it, and watching all the other little ones splash around. That Friday we all headed home and then Saturday we joined friends down in Clear Lake on their boat and spent the next two nights camping with them. Gabby loved the boat too, of course, because it's outside! She loved it that is until daddy wizzed a wet football by her ear and (unintentionally) got her wet with a water gun. She didn't like that so much! She's growing up so fast, she's talking all the time and I swear each day she gets louder, it's so fun listening to her, watching her play and seeing her smiles each day. Although I have pretty much abandoned my softball team this year I am enjoying every ounce of her. I did have an appointment with my doc this week and he said that the pain I have been experiencing in my inner thighs is from stressed ligaments and 'strongly recommends' no sprinting. Hmmm, I've only made 3 games this year, maybe I'll just go and strike out! :)

I think Gabby is starting to get into the painful part of teething, she had a rough night yesterday. And coming from a baby who really only cries when she's hungry and slightly fusses when she's tired, I'm considering today a not so good day too! But I finally got her to fall asleep and she's resting soundly right next to me. Let the fun begin! :)

My little butterball on her 1st vacation rockin' Alexa's shades!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My little butterball isn't so little after all!

Well, we had Gabby's 4 month check up this week. Dave did surprisingly well with the shots, he only looked away once and he even held he arms down (I hate that part). She screamed bloody murder, of course, but I held her for a while, then put her back down to put her clothes back on and she was all smiles again. She had a rough night though, I think she's teething so she would burst out in spits of cries. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time snuggling Tuesday night. She sure has changed a ton in the last few weeks. She talking, well as best she knows how. Grabbing stuff and putting it in her mouth, her coordination is getting much better now so she can switch hands. It's amazing how much and how fast she has changed, 'they' weren't kidding when they said, 'they grow so fast'! And growing fast she is, she weighed in at 17.7 lbs. on Tuesday. She's off the charts with her weight, but for her weight, her height is right on. Figure that one out. Apparently her pediatrician is 'concerned' about it because I have to take her back in a month for a weight check. Not sure if she's concerned because she was so little when she was first born or really what the deal is, but she is a butterball for sure. I am not bothered by her 'tubby-ness', I'm glad she is healthy because she was so tiny when she was born. I think Gabby heard and understood what the doc was saying because starting that night, she drastically cut back her food intake. Mean doctor, no wonder there are so many anorexic teenage girls now-a-days!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Long time, no type.

I guess it's been awhile since I've written in my blog and as I type...I'm wondering what I am going to write about. Here I go once again wingin' it, I'm better at the freelance stuff anyway!

We've had a successful week, she's continuing to roll...almost rolling from her back to her front, which is harder I guess. She even rolled over for grandma & grandpa Hanegraaf today, just as she was getting completely tired from holding her head up! She does pretty well with her head, even when she was first born...she was a pretty tough cookie! We go in next Tuesday for her 4 month appointment for more shots :( and for a weight check. Can't wait for that, I'm thinking she's gonna be right around 17lbs., but that's just a guess. Daddy can actually make this appointment with me, it should be interesting. He's not a fan of shots for himself, so when he has to see his little girl pinned down and screaming bloody murder...yikes, let's just say, I'm SURE this will be the last appointment he makes with me. He had a hard enough time during my labor watching me go thru all the pain...and I'm a 'big girl'.

Gabby, in general, is a great baby. She's so content with everything, sleeps good thru the night and is happy around most everyone! However, she did cry today twice when grandpa H wanted to chat with her :( it broke my heart, but I think it has to do with his glasses and his voice. I guess my niece did the same thing with him for awhile. Normally, she's good with everyone...unless she gets over stimulated (or Dan Brady pokes his head in her car seat just as she's waking up). She's full of smiles each time I go to get her out of her crib, whether it be in the mornings or after a nap. Even if she wakes up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache or a bad dream, she always has a smile for me.

I remember back when she was about a month old and thinking "I don't see what all the fuss is about". Don't get me wrong, I loved her from the first moment I saw her, but I didn't feel the 'attachment' that I hear so much about. (Probably because I was in zombie mode and my brain was doing all it could to survive) I almost feel like a heartless person saying that, and honestly, it scared me there for a bit. But now, interacting with her, being able to spend my days (and nights) with her and watching every ounce of her grow... I feel that love and it makes my heart melt with joy every time I look at her, change her out of her jammies and then back into them for another night, and holding her sweet little hand as she looks directly into my eyes each time she eats. It is a love that is unexplainable and worth every ounce of annoying intoxicated person (yes, you too honey) for 10 whole months and all pain that it took to bring her into this world...without any doubt! I love you sweet baby girl from the outer parts of my fingertips to the very depths of my soul!

And on that note...I sign off. [Guess I had more to say then I thought! ;)]