Monday, June 29, 2009


After lots of tummy time and quite a few 'almosts' the last few days, she finally rolled over tonight. After two emergency getter-out-of-the-bath-quick... (she pulled out the poop grunt), and two false alarms, I was putting her oil on her back (putting her on her tummy) and we let her kind of wiggle around. Dave moved around the counter that she was laying on, since she was focused on him she followed him with her eyes, then body... then timber... there she came. All by herself. I know, I know... she just rolled over, but we've been working so hard for it and it finally came tonight. No wonder why she slept 12 straight hours last night, she was prepping for all the hard work she was going to have to do tonight. Now, she is fast asleep with a full tummy, dry diaper and soft, warm skin.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A night without kisses!

Tonight grandma & grandpa took Gabby so that Dave and I could go out together and spend a night together, alone! At supper I saw a little girl about gabby's age, a little older, and all I thought about was her! And now, we are home and I look in her room, and it's empty... :( I'll see my baby girl in the morning!
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A day full of smiles & giggles...

Gabby was just full of smiles and giggles today, the most intense giggles thus far and by far the most fun day we have had yet. This makes all the bad days disappear and it makes me very thankful that I get to spend my days at home with her...

I do, however wish I would have turned on the camera 30 seconds sooner, she laughed so hard she tooted, and then she let a little scream out because she was so excited and she scared herself. It was quite hilarious. But I got the goods on film just the same. I have watched it now about 10 times, and each time I laugh just as hard. :) It makes my heart melt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pics of the day!

Just wanted to quick post these pictures that I took today! What a little munchkin!

Look at her little tootsie's... always moving!

"Did you just say Dan Brady? "

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day of maximum frustration!

To start things off the weather was so hot and muggy that it should have been expected to not find an uncrabby soul around! After having a good night, getting up at 5:30 to eat and then right back down to sleep until almost 10, the day started off good! I skipped class at the Y because she slept so late and I wanted to get her down for a good nap, and if we go to the Y it messes her all up cause she falls right asleep in the car seat. So, we took our daily walk down the driveway to get the mail, after visiting with Dan Brady about our gutter guard. Talk about sweat, holy cow! I was sweating 5 steps outta the shade. I tried to keep Gabby as cool as possible, barely strapping her in the stroller, but she likes to see everything so I sit her up in the stroller and I definately don't want her falling out! I kept all the sun off of her but still making sure she could see the dogs leading the way. On the way back she fell asleep and sweating she was by the time we got home, I tried to slip her out of the stroller and into her crib where it was way cooler! That lasted for a whole 10 minutes, and awake she was. We played, she sat in her swing and watched me pull weeds and water the landscaping. Then we (she) ate again, we rocked and fussy as hell she was. I tried eveything to get her to close her eyes, I even left her in her crib for 15 minutes til I couldn't take it any more. I finally tried (tried being the keyword) to set up the pack-n-play because it has vibration, thinking that might help! I struggled and struggled with that damn thing, then finally, literally, threw it across her room! I had to step away, so step away I did. I put her in her swing and tried again... half hour later, I got it and tried to lay her in it. She wanted nothing to do with it. So , it's about 2, so we go for another walk down the driveway, she falls asleep... repeat! Up 10 minutes later! We play, eat and try it again! Ugh! Then we lose power, neat! Needless to say, she took a little kitty Kat nap in my arms about 7 and awake again 20 minutes later! I'm entirely frustrated because I have no help (or break) from the day because my husband chose to go to the bar instead of being home with his family (weird) and she's been fussy and crabby ALL day, so guess what that makes me! I even had to put her in her crib fussy and wide awake cause I couldn't take it anymore and I had to go cry in the shower! Thankfully, when I got out of the shower she was fast asleep (hopefully for a good night) and now here I sit thinking about what a shitty mom I was today! Tomorrow will be better, right? :( One can only hope!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Interesting week....

Well, this week has definitely been interesting... to say the least! Wednesday night I had a jewelry party to attend for a friend and Dave had softball so we drove in together. I dropped him off at the softball diamonds and off to the party to see friends. It was hot and muggy and with the prediction of bad weather glooming in the air, we had the TV on upstairs. Since the party was downstairs and I had to feed the Gabster, I headed upstairs... we were watching the news and it seemed the bad weather was behind us (or so they said on the news), I headed out to pick up Dave. On the way he called and said he was heading to Torge's with a friend and I was just to head there to pick him up. Almost there and driving (what looked to be) right into the storm, Dave called and told me to turn around and head to Grandma & Grandpa's house, they were right underneath it all and trying to get the hell out. I turned right around and headed back towards his parents house and as I did the sirens started to blow. I had been watching the sky the whole time, trying to figure out how I was going to get to their house in time and wondering what I would do if we couldn't make it. Then I got behind some 'random idiot' that was watching the sky and driving 25 m/h in a 45 m/h zone... at that time, you can bet I had a slight bit of road rage. Of course, I followed 'random idiot' for another mile as he seemed to be heading to the same neck of the woods as I was. Finally, I come around the corner to Dave's parents house, looked up and see the sky. My heart sank to my knees... there was a huge circle of clouds just in front and above us with the clouds twisting and forming the funnel... If I didn't have my daughter with me, you can be assured I would have stopped my car, got out and stared in amazement, or I would have found a way to get closer to it. But, there is something about being a mommy now and doing anything you can to protect your little munchkin... so panic set in and I raced the 5 blocks to their house... all the while thinking, 'I'm not gonna make it in time'. We flew in the driveway, I slammed on the brakes and ran around to the passenger side to grab her. Out she flies, still in the car seat, I set her right inside the door and zipped back out to grab the diaper bag. I come back inside the house and because she was just falling asleep (before I yanked her out of the car) and I scared her by setting her in an 'unfamiliar place', she freaked out and cried and cried. I got her out of the car seat and held her and she was fine. As we were talking and I was telling Grandma and Grandpa about the sky, the lights were flickering and of course, as I looked at the TV, News6 was on and telling us how the storm 'hooked' back and then... it touched down... North of town and the rest we all know, what a sad story to see all the homes and all the beautiful trees destroyed. Thankfully, no one was killed, but what a mess to clean up.

Then Thursday night, Gabby and I were out strolling and we ended on our patio. Sitting there we sat, just chillin' with the dogs. Our one dog, Jake, is a weird duck and he likes to 'chomp' at flies. Since the flies were sticking like mad with the muggy, stormy air, they were sticking on Gabby. What a better place to try to chomp a fly then inside the stroller on a chubby cheek. So chomp he tried. Thank goodness I was sitting right there and was able to throw my arm up against his chest to stop him from getting to her. :( But he did manage to scare the baJesus out of her and of course she screamed bloody murder and it ended our nice night out on the patio. Needless to say, he will be no where near my daughter, alone...ever... He almost went for a long walk on a short plank that night!

This is a picture I took, just prior to Jake trying to eat her cheek!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mmmmm, Ice Cream

Just a quick post to show you how much Gabby loves ice cream... (I tell her she is eating ice cream every time we have a bottle...not really but work with me here!)... she had plenty when she was in my belly, hopefully she doesn't become as addicted to Coldstone Creamery as mommy is!

"Did you just say ColdStone...

...screw that pacifier, get me outta this damn chair! I love ICE CREAM!"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls are dangerous!

Made a quick trip up to Medford to Carters outlet today to find some jammies for Gabby! Found lots of jammies, amongst other things! Man, I could easily spend hours in there! So many cute things and so very reasonably priced too! This having a baby girl thing could be dangerous... on the pocket book that is! Phew thank goodness I'm a cheap ass!

"That's what I think about you going shopping without me this afternoon!"

Gabby's all moved into her new room and seems to be sleeping well. She did, however, have an issue lastnight. About 12:30 she had a screaming fit, one she has never had before! So much so that my husband bolted out of bed when he heard her scream on the monitor (which he never does) and he didn't even realize that he was sleep walking until he was half way down the last flight of stairs! He said this morning that he thinks he was dreaming that someone was stealing her :) Anyway, I thought she might have a bubble so I burped her a bit and then we rocked, she fell right back to sleep... Only to be up an hour later. We ate, then back down till 6am then back down til 9:30am. So she had an off night, not bad considering it's really the only/first time it's happened! Damn bubbles. Tonight will be better.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gabby's New Room

Okay, here is Gabby's new room, minus a few window & wall hangings!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I love laundry!

What a day, I finally got Gabby's room finished. The paint store mixed up on the second gallon (thank goodness it wasn't the first) so they fixed it yesterday, I re-painted the touch ups and today I got the wall hangings up and her clothing all moved to her new closets and all the crap that was in her closets moved out and up to her old room! I even got the little munchkin down for two naps - one for 45 minutes and the other for 2 hours with 2 short wake ups to reinsert the pacifier. She had a rough evening though, after 3 jammy changes, 4 bibs, 3 hours in mommy's arms/lap (drumming out the bubbles) and endless red faced grunts, I think we finally got all the bubbles out at 11PM and she's fast asleep (let's pray it's a good night)! Tomorrow I think I may just 'not' make housework an excuse to not go to the Y... I think I need a mini break and a need to blow off some steam (Jodi, hope you don't have to share a bag with me :) )! I have pics off Gabby's new room, but since my back is killing me and I'm sick off sitting in the rocking chair, I am writing in my blog, in my bed, via my phone - I'll have to upload tomorrow! (if time allows - I have lots of feelance work to get done)! Oh and, endless amounts of laundry to do from just today... I guess it's a good thing that I got 2 1/2 baskets folded today whilst the Gabster napped! It is never ending...

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


It's funny, I asked my husband this morning if he could watch Gabby so I could try to get some sleep! They've been sleeping for the past 3 hours and I lie wide awake! :( I just can't win!
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Campin' in the Gab's room!

What a mess! I tried and tried to get the monitor to stop cracking with it having a new location down in Gabby's new room and I finally gave up about 11:30! I've got tears rolling down my face because I'm tired and frustrated... and, well let's face it, that's what a do when I get tired and frustrated! Since our bedroom is on the other side of the planet as Gabby's room, I decided to make me a little bed on her floor to try to get some sleep. Take a look at the time of this post and ask me how that's going! There is quite possibly nothing more frustrating then when you are tired and all you want to do is sleep and the frustration of not being able to sleep prevents you from sleeping... making sleep impossible!

And tomorrow it starts all over again!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shit! (Pardon the potty mouth)

That's all I have to say is Shit! I painted all four walls, 2 coats with the same can of paint. With the other can of paint, of the same color, I touched up the walls today... and the color is slightly lighter. Shit, now i have to repaint the whole friggen room again. Man, can't things just go right once?

We did get the furniture all moved downstairs and Gabby is spending her first night in the new room. Hopefully she will sleep well... I know mommy sure needs too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Live like a Caveman....

Phew, finally... after a bad start to the very early morning I can sit... quick, before I need to shower and head to bed.

We lost power this morning at 3:30 am, still unsure why... and it wasn't until almost 10:30 am before we got it back. Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time out in my car warming bottles with the earths slowest cigarette lighter bottle warmer. Of course, as soon as we lost power, Dave's DTN and the baby monitor beeped like crazy so the Gabster was up and HUNGRY... she had to suffice with a room temperature bottle (I did the best I could honey), but she took it like a trooper. Then back to bed she went and since I had no monitor to hear her on, guess how much sleep I got. Ding, ding, ding... you're the winner! (sleep is over rated anyway!)

Either way we were going to go the Y today (what were we going to do at home, carve our name in the walls, beat our hands on our chest and grunt the alphabet out?), so off we went... and back home at 1:30. I didn't quite get her down for her nap until 2:45, but when I did that allowed me to put one more coat of trim on... Once I was set up to roll the walls, she was up. So of course we had to play, then eat... then she sat out in the hallway and watched me roll the walls. I promised her we would take a stroll down the driveway for our daily walk to get the mail (SHE LOVES TO STROLL)... so I finished the walls, and off we went. She of course took another quick nap... (it's a mile down to the mailbox and back), then we checked the garden and played with the dogs for a bit... then we were hungry again. So we ate, I got her bath ready and we played in the bubbles, then out like a light in a matter of 10 minutes. Off to bed she went and I finished stripping the rest of the tape off the woodwork and vents and put the light & plug-in covers back on. And now it's ready to go. My husband PROMISED me he would find someone to help him tomorrow night to help move the furniture from upstairs down to her new room. I have to get her room back in order, then get all the crap from downstairs moved upstairs and somewhat organized so I can get the rest of the house back into some sort of order. We have Father's Day at our house every year and even though it is still a couple weeks away... I would like our house looking 'sort of' decent by then. I will have plenty of other things to worry anout come closer to Father's Day.

And on that note, I'm pooped... gotta go shower and hit the hay! I have a big day again tomorrow... have to print and work on assembling wedding invitations!

No power

And because we have had no power since 3:30 am I will be doing; D, none of the above (or below as listed in the post)!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Relocating & the Galloping Pony!

Due to some 'architectural challenges', and after countless hours of debate (amongst myself) I have made the dreaded decision to move Gabby's bedroom downstairs! Our house is all, completely open... except for one bedroom downstairs on the main level (I should take some photos to show...someday), this even includes our bedroom, which is really only separated by the location. When initially planning the nursery, we thought it would be okay to have her room on the top level, with NO privacy! Our thinking: guests would at least have some privacy and Gabby needs to really get used to 'noise', we shouldn't have to tippy toe around the house and whisper ...just because she is sleeping! Well... that is exactly what we do. If I am back in our bedroom, I can hear the TV in the sunroom on the monitor... which is the furthest away from her room on the main floor. For example, just today I dropped a brick of butter out of the fridge making a sandwich for myself... yup, no more napping for Gabby... needless to say! So, moral of the story, I have completely dismantled the bedroom downstairs, cleaned windows, woodwork, vents, carpets, taped, trimmed & painted the first coat... all in the last 3 days... All while entertaining a 3 month old! Thank goodness we have such a calm, happy baby or none of this would be possible. Also, thank goodness I had my mother-in-law help me pick out a color on such short notice, cause with those gigantic swatch books, one might have suicidal temptations trying to decide! But, we got it all figured out and I think I am really going to like the color, it reminds me of dessert sand and how perfect to go with safari animals! Now, one more coat of trim and full coverage and then onto moving the furniture (my husband loves me for that)... Sorry honey... & Pat cause I know you'll get stuck helping!

Aside from the 'new' nursey, I played ball tonight (thanks mom) and each time I ran to base I felt like a galloping pony 'ga glonk ga glonk, ga glonk ga glonk' as I limp and whimper like a new puppy trying to find mommy's boobie. One good thing: I don't even break a sweat running anymore even if I have to trot my ass to 2nd base! :)

And I must sign off now, hopefully to get some rest. I have a big day at the Y tomorrow and then home to finish up the painting! My plan is to get all but the big stuff in her new room by tomorrow night! Might not happen though, I have a bride that I have to get started on and I have to get her announcements printed (just got the paper today) so I can get them assembled and out the door!

Nye nye!

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