Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 Weeks Old

The Gabster is 8 weeks old today, she is starting to interact, smile and really become more fun each day. We got a Harley hat from a friend so we thought we should post it. I have to be quick on my post today since I don't have much time. Hopefully, soon I will be able to update my blog with a little more information on our last couple weeks. Until then...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So much...

I have so much to write in my blog but have been so busy, this is all I can do! I have much work to get off my plate, then for dessert I will vent and update my blog...
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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well tonight turned out to be a bummer, for me as well as Grandma & Grandpa! We had hoped to go out for an evening to celebrate my birthday but because of a 'miscommunication', (or lack thereof) things went all haywire! Grandma & Grandpa (Grandpa especially) didn't get to spend time with Gabby tonight and here I sit, alone & tired! There's always another day right? I just feel bad for Grandma & Grandpa.

My sweet angel is sleeping, sure to be up at 3:30am... So off to bed I must go, of course, not until after I watch the end of Amnityville Horror [for reasons I will keep to myself :) ] On a positive note, I did finally get my nails polished tonight after over a week of naked-ness (which is rare for me). Cheers to me! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

One handed magic show!

Oh how technology has saved my life! It's nearly impossible to chicken peck out an email with one hand, a bottle in the other and a baby on your lap! Thankfully, just before our little critter was born, I invested in a BlackBerry and what a wise investment it was! I thought for sure that it was going to suck with the keypad being sooo much different then my Moto, but I have now mastered the keypad! I can actually send my emails while feeding Gabby, of course, it takes longer, but I'd never get them done if I had to rely strictly on my laptop! Ooo... I can even send posts to my blog, which is going to be huge for me! :)

On that note: the Gabster is finding her place in this world. She was 6 weeks old on Wednesday and got to experience her first daycare at the YMCA and met her first daycare buddy, Kya. I can see them tearing up that room...together! :) She is getting herself into a sleeping & eating routine and she has discovered how MUCH she loves her walks, unless she is hungry, of course! Our dogs love her (thankfully), except Jake... he is scared of her, but then again, he is scared of his shadow! They all follow us down the driveway for our daily walk (which is a half mile) and if she makes a peep, Hudson will circle the buggy until he makes sure she is okay!

On a side note: my husband has been non existent these last few days due to getting ready for field work and I have to say: props to all you single ladies (and gents), this is hard work alone!


Why is it that when I feed Gabby a bottle it takes her an hour to eat it, but if anyone else feeds her... 10 minutes, tops? Ugh, it makes me crazy...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I want in! :)

Hi Jen,
I posted this here because I read your comment and I tried to check out your blog, but I have to be invited to view your blog. Hopefully you will read this and invite me :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The rewards of motherhood outweigh the hard days!

This is my most favorite photo, it captures her... truly!

I feel as though I need to post this for all those soon-to-be mothers whom I know read my blog. I have been told that I have scared them with some of my recent posts. Even though some days get to be long and the tears seem to flow endlessly, the rewards of being a new mom certainly outweigh all the frustration and sleepless nights. I am new at this yet and I know I don't have all the kinks worked out so I am still in the 'overwhelmed stage', but I will say this: When you see your little munchkin(s) smile whilst sleeping soundly in your arms, it makes all the tears dry up, all the lost hours of sleep forgotten and all the aches and pains occurred that day drift away like an empty bottle lost in the ocean. It's all worth it and... the best is yet to come!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ofta! What a day!

I knew that posting that Gabby was sleeping well at night was going to jinx me! :(

Since we are trying to ween her over from Similac to Good Start, I think she is dealing with some digestions issues, but beings I am not a newborn and I don't speak newborn... I really have no idea. It seems that when she does the grunting/squeaking that she only gets around 3 hours of sleep and I don't know if it is that she wakes herself up from the grunting or what it is. So when I got her down at 10:30pm I knew it wouldn't be long before she awoke, and sure enough at 1:45am...awake she is. I nursed her for awhile, until she fell asleep, then made her a bottle of formula. Since I don't know how much she is getting from me, I want to make sure that I don't put her back to sleep hungry. Obviously she was still hungry, cause she pounded out another ounce and a half. After an hour and a half, I finally got her back to sleep. I had to make a run to the Milk House quick to drain Bessy only to have Gabby wake again in 15 minutes later... then until about 6:30 am, the cycle continued. I finally had to ask Dave to give her bottle so I could lay down for a bit before he had to head out the door. (I know he was thrilled that I woke him at 6:30 in the morning). We made a trip to see Grandma at work and run a few errands, then back home to eat again. Here I was thinking she would take a nice long nap (yesterday she had a 4 hour nap) so after she ate, I tried to put her down... and down she goes... for 10 whoping minutes. Grunting herself awake I let her grunt and grown... then she starts to scream... so of course I get her and we play a little bit... repeat! 10 minutes again... no wait, that round was 15 minutes, sorry! All the while I have mounds of work to do and 2 brides that I have to get out the door by the weekend... (did I mention that I have tons of work to do?) :(

Any who ha, it's now just after 10pm, and after feeding her, rocking her, snuggling with her, laying her down in her crib (only to have her wake and scream for 5 minutes), she is now sound asleep (minus the occasional grunt, sudden dream screams and punches in the chin) in my arms on the ever saving Boppy pillow. Oh and look, it seems as though she is waking yet again! Ugh, my back hurts from holding her, rocking her and bouncing her, my hip feels like it's going to dislocate and my right leg is so numb that I think next week I will be in a wheelchair. Yes, I am having a pity party!

Now the question is, is it the a.) switching of the formula, b.) the actual formula itself, c.) what I am eating transferring over into my breast milk, or d.) none of the above

oh the joys of not having a freiken clue!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good nights

Well our little pumpkin is getting good at this sleeping thing at night. Friday night she slept 7 hours and lastnight she was down for 6. Other then the heart attack I had when I woke up after a 3 hour of rest and realized she wasn't the one to wake me, I am enjoying her getting some good sleep at night (me too). She is still doing the grunting and squeaking so I am constantly hearing her on the monitor so the sleep that I do get is real sporadic, but at least I am now getting more then 2 hours of sleep in an evening. She is also eating like a machine! My boobies can't hardly keep up with her so we have been having to give her more and more formula... I am also weening her off the Similac formula and onto Good Start, thinking that might help her tummy issues. Since it is all trial and error, it might not do anything... but it has come to my attention that the Similac is known for 'tummy issues' so it is at least worth a try. Hopefully she becomes more and more comfortable, and that would be a relief.

She is quite the 'angel' and is a pretty content baby. When her tummy is full and her butt dry, she could stare at you for hours... until she has to eat again! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 month old

I feel as though it has been forever since I have written in my blog (oh wait, it has been a week and to me, that's forever)!

Gabby is one month old today and things seem to be getting a bit better. At least I am starting to feel more comfortable with her, in the respect that I feel like I at least now I know what is wrong when she cries. It's hard to hear her cry and I find that I am still getting frustrated... mostly when I am lacking in the sleep department and 'reality' (whatever that is), but I feel like we might be getting into a routine! I enjoyed a visit today with a friend who brought a book as a gift, one that she used for both her children and one that she swears by. Just from the brief conversation that we shared, it seems as though it might be the answers to alot of questions that I have and one that will help us get Gabby into a routine or at least on some kind of schedule. Now... I just have to find time to actually read it. :)

Nursing is going well, or as well as can be expected anyway! I am having a hard time pumping after she eats so I am not able to stimulate more milk production, but I am afraid I am going to have to figure out how to put Gabby down and make the time after she eats... especially if I want to continue to make breastfeeding work.

She took a nap in her crib for the first time today and she is sleeping there right now. The question is, will she continue thru the night? Only time will tell. She is little yet (in every aspect of the word) so I don't expect it to go smoothly all in one night. I have, however, learned that I have more patience then I thought so with motherhood brings new and pleasant surprises. I only pray that she was blessed with her daddy's sleep habits instead of mine or it could be a long and winedy road!

Also, after almost a month of having her birth annoucnements designed, I finally got those off to the printer tonight. It will be nice to get those back so I can get them in the mail. Boy, I find it hard to believe how much time I don't have to get any work done now-a-days. I think this might put a limit on the work that I take on in the future, or maybe things will slow down here so I can actually get back to some work.

It's almost midnight, I best get off to sleep... I'm sure in about an hour the little munchkin will be hungry... AGAIN!