Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fix to 'Final Piece for the Nursery'!

It was brought to my attention that I mis(typed) in my last post. The title should read 'Second-to-Last Piece for the Nursery' instead I typed 'Final Piece for the Nursery'... Beings that I am a first time mommy-to-be, I am slacking in the correct nursery termanology. Dah, the baby should be the FINAL PIECE TO THE NURSERY! Thanks Jennifer! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Final Piece for the Nursery!

Got the call that our glider is in, now... just have to make the time to drive to the cities to pick it up. :) It's a relief to know that things are coming together though...

Good night, new baby & healthy-again dog!

Ah, thank goodess for Tylenol PM - even though I was up 5 times lastnight, I feel good today and wonderfully rested. Now, if it just stays that way I am good to go. :)

Also, I would just like to say: Congratulations to Meriel & Jeff Lester, they are the brand new, proud parents of Ronin Robert. Welcome to the world of breathing oxygen Ronin, we look forward to meeting you.

On a side note, we got Jake back yesterday morning. And what a spoiled terd he has turned into. I am sure he is in a lot of pain and with all the drugs that we were given by the vet, I am sure he is pretty doped up too on pain meds. He's been the best house dog ever (not that we would expect any different from him), he just lays on the floor and maybe looks at you as you walk by. He's been a trooper, but I think he is anxious to get out and play with Dakota (or at least Dakota seems to think so). I think she is looking forward to her squirrel chasing buddy to come back out so she has someone to tug on. Either way, we are glad he is home and doing better now... good thing we caught the 'foam incident' in time, or Jake wouldn't be around today = one sad Husband. :(

This is his resting spot, once in a while he will get up so Dave can take him outside to go to the bathroom.

Here are his stitches... soon to be scar! :(

Jake loves dad... :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stability Ball

I didn't realize how good sitting on an exercise ball would feel. I tried to lay on the couch a bit this afternoon to relax and let some of the 'pain' in my pelvis & legs rest... totally was not working. So I got up after only about 10 minutes laying down and sat on my stability ball to do some work... what a relief it is giving me. I found my new best friend! Now, if only I could sleep on this thing without wabbling off, it was a loooonnnnggg night lastnight! :(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pain, Pain, Go Away!

Please don't come back another day! :(

As I sit here on the couch finishing up some work for a T-shirt design I have been working on, I keep getting these sharp pains in my pelvic bone (or area, however... wherever you want to describe it). Ugh, this is starting to get frustrating. I have had the least active past 2 days that I have had in... well, quite some time obviously since I can't really remember, and I am the most uncomfortable during these last two days. Now I completely understand why they say that exercise is good for you... for obvious reasons for me, it has made me feel better (without me even realizing it). I wonder how cruddy I would feel at this point if I had decided to give up exercising all together long ago.

On a 'not so gloomy note', we get Jake back tomorrow. Oh how the other two are missing him, and how I am sure Jake is missing them... and us (maybe). He is going to be spoiled for the next few days, I am sure. Since he has to be careful with his stitches, he gets to spend some time inside, which... lucky for us... he is the best house dog on the planet. He literally comes in, goes over in the curve of the couch and lays down, he could stay there for days on end if we let him and I have no idea how he can hold his bladder for that long, but he does it. Unfortunately for me, I have a crazy busy day tomorrow so I don't get to see him until later in the afternoon. Other then a car appointment and a dentist appointment in the morning it's a pretty unevenftul day. I plan on hitting up CylceBox, then I have to zip over to Albert Lea to pick up some Peppermint Bar soap (that I am in dire need of), then I have to check Shopko for the Wii before my husband makes me drive all the way over to Rochester to buy one. After a weekend full of Nan & Jeff's Wii Tennis, Guitar Hero (that he can't seem to pass) and Bowling (which is a huge win for him in the virtual world... ask anyone that knows his true bowling capabilities (Hannah)... or my dad, who asks him to bowl strictly so my dad's team can use his handicap) :) ... he suddenly feels it is a necessity that we are missing from our house. Hopefully, I can find one at Shopko so that I don't have to drive all the way over to Rochester, but I was told that I can't come home until I find one. :)

Am I in for a surprise?

As I 'try' to sleep at night, tossing at turning (spending most of the night trying to get my husband to roll over and stop snoring) and trying to get comfortable on one side or the other, I find myself in quite a bit of pain. And not in the places that you would think I would have it. I have been experiencing most of the pain in my pelvic bone and in the muscles high on my inner thighs. It's giving me difficulty walking, trying to roll over and really do just about anything. I thought that maybe I was over doing it at CycleBox, but after yesterday, I now know that it has nothing to do with class. I skipped Yoga yesterday and well... really did no form of exercise and found myself hurting more yesterday into this morning then I have yet. I say 'yet' because I fear that it is only going to get worse. :(

It seems as though, if I lay on one side for too long, my sciatic nerve starts to get the best of me and sends that shooting pain down my hip and into the back of my thigh so I am finding myself waking up, if I ever fall asleep, just to roll to the other side. Rolling over seems to cause the most pain, so you can see why I dread (and is probably the real reason that I don't sleep) having to roll over, since using my legs causes the discomfort. Now my husband, I have no idea what is going on with him. I'm unsure if he is falling into the 'father' mode where it is a necessity for him to snore or what the deal is, he NEVER used to snore, unless of course he had too much to drink. But now, he seems to be snoring ALL the time. It's the worst though, when he is drinking... if ask him to roll over, he gets defensive and throws a fit ... and ... never seems to 'actually' roll over. Needless to say, he stays lying on his back, sawing logs and I continue to listen in frustration... wide awake. I asked him about 40 times lastnight to go down on the couch... even with all my hard efforts, that didn't happen. Your probably thinking, 'why don't you drag your weeble wobble butt down on the couch yourself?' and my response to that is: I've done that, but I can only lay on my one side on the couch and because of the siatic nerve issue that 'one' side gets very uncomfortable... very fast, therefore... I probably get less sleep down there then I would listening to the lumber jack all night long. On any other night, I would have gone to our guest bedroom to try and sleep, but we had guests lastnight (hence the guest bedroom) and I didn't think they would appreciate me snuggling with them. I did fall asleep this morning about 5, 5:30ish and woke up at 8am so I did at least get a couple hours of sleep. I also think that the baby could sense my frustration with Dave, not being able to sleep and everything else, because he/she was rather active lastnight (I guess that would be this morning...) from about 2am - 4:30am the baby was bouncing all over the place. It wouldn't seem to relax, probably because mommy couldn't relax...

I fear, it may be a long rest of pregnancy! :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When the hell is spring coming?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad parenting!

Well apparently our parenting skills are off to a bad start.

We have three dogs, a male Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Hudson that I brought with me when I moved in with Dave (otherwise known as our small pony... he gives rides in the summer), a female Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Dakota that I got Dave for Christmas in '07 and a male Yellow Lab named Jake that Dave rescued from an abusive home about 4 years ago. So you can imagine, we have a pretty big family. Our place is usually well stocked with friends in the summer time so the dogs get lots of attention, plus we live in the middle of no-where so the dogs have plenty of room to roam. We have squirrels galore, and if Dakota would stop killing 2 a day, there would be lots more to torment our poor dogs. The winter must be taking a toll on our dogs (not Dakota so much cause she is always finding something to do, she plays with all the toys, steals them from Jake if he even dares and chases the red squirrels until she finally snags one, then prances around to show off her prize). But, Dave, his dad and I have all noticed that Hudson has gotten completely lazy this winter. He barely moves if someone comes in the yard and thoroughly enjoys the kennel, a little too much it seems. However, that is only until recently... until the kennel has become... not so comfy. We bought 3 beds for the dogs back in the summer and they lasted just fine up until about a month and a half ago, then all of the sudden, they were ripped to shreds. Being pretty positive that it was NOT Dakota that was chewing on the beds, we decided that it had to be Jake... no way could it be Hudson, he's flat out too lazy to take that much effort to chew! I cleaned up the mess and salvaged what could be saved from the remaining pieces of the beds. Then we had a REALLY cold spell and I felt terrible for the kids to be sleeping on barely any insulation on the, almost, bare concrete floor. So, the sucker that I am... I zipped over to Sam's Club to purchase them new beds. Oh how they love their beds... and I think Jake loves them a little too much. Not even 2 days later they had chew holes in them and foam ripped out. As Dave and I were getting in the Tahoe one day, I glanced over and busted Jake with foam and a piece of the bed hanging from his mouth. Now I had proof that it was Jake chewing on the beds. Since Jake is the strangest dog that I have ever known I never thought much of it. He eats anything... Dave plants corn on corn just next to our patio every year and every year Jake will go out to the corn field, grap an ear of corn and yank it off the stalk. (yum) Sometimes he will bring the whole stalk with him, our yard looks like a corn stalk land mine every summer thanks to Jake. Needless to say... he is a weird duck! One day, I watched him poop out what I thought was his intestines... after Dave almost threw up, I looked at it and found out it was just a pieced of the roll of paper towels that he ate 2 days earlier. See what I mean, he's a weird duck. So now you know why we never thought much of it when we found out he was chewing on all the beds in the kennel... until after a few weeks and I see him loosing weight, cowing down his dog food (which he never dares, cause he shares a food stand with Hudson and Hudson don't go without food... just ask him...or look at him ...fatty...) and just the other day, I walked outside to see him eating the puke that he threw up in the kennel and then doing the same later that day to another pile. It's time to call the vet! Dave took him in this morning, he had to have surgery and when they opened him up they found foam consuming his intestines and his stomach. Nice huh? Now our 'weird duck' has to stay in the puppy hospital until Monday. :( I told Dave that I am going to have to start stripping to pay for the vet bill. Come to think of it, Dave might have to start stripping, 'Tubby' here might not make a whole lot taking my clothes off.

Poor Jake... we'll have to go visit him tomorrow! We are such bad parents. :(

Little Activity during the day!

Yesterday, after I finally saw my husband about 9:30pm, he asked me how baby was doing. I responded with the 'now that you mention it', he/she was really unproductive and not active today. Must be tired and resting. But lastnight, the baby was a machine, a movin' and a shakin'. Needless to say I didn't sleep lastnight. Not only due to the baby moving around so much, but what a horrible dream I had. I never get scared and spooked living out in the middle of no-where like we do and rarely have dreams that scrare the crap out of me. But this one was a cake taker... I actually got up to go to the bathroom and had to look down the stairs... as if I was going to scare the boogie man by glaring at him. And if the boogie man was as clever as he claims and knew anything at all, he would know that once I take my contacts out... I'm blind as a bat. So, it's a good thing that Dave didn't decide to play 'practical joker' lastnight cause I probably would have beat the baJesus out of him thinking he 'could' have been the boogie man. :) Hope that dream stays 'far far away'... :(

Now this morning, as I am trying to get some work done, the little munster has his leg and foot jammed into my ribcage and if I look down I can see his/her leg protruding out my side right underneath my ribs and, it's hard as a rock. I will suck it up and in an 1 1/2 I will be heading to Y for class so he/she will be getting some rest then. He/She seems to nap when I exercise, they must find it relaxing or something. I would think that babies would react the opposite and be active during exercise, but this is not the case. It must have something to do with the oxygen. So, get your exercise in now so mommy can later. Sweet dreams to you (cause mommy sure didn't have sweet ones lastnight...)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mmmmmm boobies!

You gotta love my husband! We were in South Dakota this last week visiting some friends, since they were house hunting we were killing time doing a little shopping in the mall. At one of the kiosks in the center of the mall, we came across this little place that embroiders T-shirts, bibs... stuff mostly for babies. Of course as we were looking at the many different things they had we came across this one bib. He found it extremely fitting since I plan (hope) to breastfeed the baby. Only my husband would purchase an item like this... but it is totally my husband too and anyone that knows him would have to agree... he finds the fun in anything and everything. Now, my only hope is: that our baby is a boy, otherwise this bib may be a little... ahhh... 'weird'!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One boy, One girl...

I found out today that a good friend of mine from High School/College (whom we already knew were having twins) found out yesterday that she is having one boy and one girl. How fun? I believe she is now in her 17th week and she says that everything is going smoothly thus far. How exciting this is... Here I thought being 32 years old that I would be the only one of all of my friends that would be having children this late in life, and as it turns out... there are more friends then I realize that are in the same boat as I. It's so fun to go through all these new experiences in life, but it's even better when you have friends with whom to share those experiences with. The only downfall... this good friend of mine lives almost 2000 miles away... in California. :( Thank goodness for the internet and e-mail! :)

Major Pain

Beings that we have been on the go this whole week, I haven't had the best sleep, especially since we haven't been in our own bed... Dave never seem to mind, I swear he could sleep on the pavement in downtown St. Paul. But me, I am a light sleeper and the bed and the pillows at the Embassy Suites in St. Paul was horribly uncomfortable, so between that, my husband snoring like a lumberjack and my sister-in-law wanting to snuggle with us :) I didn't sleep hardly at all Thursday night. On top of that, I have a chest cold that just won't seem to go away. I had to meet with a bride on Saturday morning so I thought I would hit up Yoga, and I am glad that I did... even though I had a horrible headache and felt like garfunkle before class, I felt 85% better after class... there must be something in the breathing that gets things back in order. I headed home after class and my meeting feeling tired, and uncomfortable. I tried to sit on the couch to watch a movie with Dave but the baby was not letting me do that. He/She was lodged up underneath my ribcage so the only way I could get comforable was to lay down, so I decided to go upstairs and lay on the bed with my pillows and take a nap. I fell asleep for a bit, but wasn't too comfortable so I didn't sleep well. Since I wasn't doing much but laying there, I decided to get up and see what my husband was doing... I rolled out of bed and felt quite a bit of pain in my lower abdomen (which seems to be normal lately) but on top of that, I had major pain in my lower back. So I went from moving at a snails pace to a snail pulling a plows pace. Figuring it's all just a part of things shifting and moving, I just went with it. We had dinner plans with Jim and Becky and we never get to see them so I was bound and determined not to stay home (besides, what am I going to do at home... nothing). We headed off to pick them up and the whole drive I was trying to figure out how I was going to make it thru the night... I hurt so bad. Off to Rochester we go, I cranked the heat on my seat cause that seemed to take some of the pain away. I was thinking the whole time that these are probably just Braxton Hicks contractions, but there was no contracting, it was just a constant pain, I had to sit with my fists clenched and pressing into my back the whole time we sat at dinner. (I don't think it helped much either that the little munster kept smacking me in the ribs and bouncing around like a beach ball wanting to get out of the water, I don't think he/she was very happy with me at all yesterday...) Once the pain started to go down my hamstring, I knew that pain and knew that it was related to my sciatic nerve... since I have experienced issues with my sciatic I wrote it off as nothing serious. After about 5 hours of the constant back pain, it finally subsided and I only had the slight pain in my front lower abdomen... the same pain that I seem to have been having for the last few weeks that I hear is normal. I had thought about calling the Nurse's Triage lastnight, but I didn't have the number on me so I quickly discarded that idea... but I think I might program it in my phone just incase there is a next time... but I will say, if lastnight is a peak at what is yet to come, I am not looking forward to the next 6 weeks. :(

Crazy week & Doctor's Appointment

What a crazy week we have had. First, after a short weather delay on Monday were were finally able to set off for SoDak on Tuesday to visit some friends who have just moved home from Arizona... (yes, we made sure to tell them they were crazy). After good food, tasty beverages (even the N/A was good) and great company, we had to head home after only one day. But, it was well worth the drive... even though the roads were shi-tay on the way home. Then after a quick little nap once we arrived home, we headed to The Old Mill here in Austin to celebrate birthdays for Dave's sister and his Grandma Dougan. Again, good food and great conversation. However, even though there were only 7 of us at dinner there were about 45 different conversations going on and to this day, I am still unsure that I was involved in all of them or could tell you what they were all about. Boy those Dougan girls can chit chat, add a little wine in there and LOOK OUT! :) Now we move onto Thursday (already)... after a quick oil change (and a sneaky Pilates class) I hurried home to pack my bags to head up to the cities for a Wild game with my brother (Jeff) and sister-in-law (Nan). After a good game (and, of course, a couple good hockey punches) we stepped outside the Excel center to find our shuttle and holy smoly bajoly, it nearly took our breath away. It was -22 degrees outside... and that's not including the windchill. YIKES! Friday morning, we were back in the car heading in the direction of home, only to detour to Rochester for my doctor's appointment. Dave and I finally got a tour of the Labor/Delivery Area and how to get there, what to do after hours...etc. So, I think he is finally starting to calm down now that he knows where he need to take me, even if it is 3 o'clock in the morning. What's he get out of the tour? ... 'hit the red button then pick up the 'bat' phone'. Apparently, the phone that is inside the lobby door at Mayo where he needs to bring me is referred to the by the employees is the 'bat' phone... at least he knows where to go now and I think he is a little calmer. :) However, I am a little nervous, I learned later when we were in our doctor's appointment waiting for the doctor to come in that he got 'a little light headed' when we were touring thru the delivery area. hmmmm... Mom, I think we are going to have to go to Plan B :) All the same, everything will be fine, even if I have to pick the baby up in the nursery and then stop down a floor to pick up my husband before heading home.

The doctors appointment went well, questions were answered, measurements and heartbeat were good. We also had a quick Ultra Sound done to make sure baby was head down, and all is good there. I did, however, make sure to schedule my next appointment at the crack of a monkey's butt in the morning so that we don't have to wait as long as we did on Friday to see the doctor. I know that he is busy and normally we schedule early in the morning to avoid the doctor getting behind as the day goes on, but since we had to come from the cities, we figured the later the better. Either way, I am sure I will be coming to the next few appointments alone, which I don't mind at all... now that Dave is comfortable with the doc. Besides, he doesn't need to be there when they poke my who-ya for the Strep test... believe me, no one hates it more then me. :(

Finally, it's 5pm and we are home, I think I might do nothing... and that's what I did.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dave & I - 34 weeks Pregnant.

Belly Butter

I decided to invest in some belly butter, why I don't know? I have been using Vitamin E after bath oil for years and figured that would suffice, I just double that up on my belly, but for some reason got a hair up my butt and fell into the 'trend'. I HATE IT! It makes my belly itch like no tomorrow and I can hardly stand it. I am half tempted to jump in the shower just to wash the crap off. I thought for sure that beings it's the ever so popular brand of Burts Bees that I could hardly go wrong... UGH! I just want to scratch my skin off. Anyone want some belly butter? You can have mine for free, I just want the crap out of my house and away from my belly. Now, maybe it works for some people, but I am not one of those people.

If you'd like it, send me your mailing address... and it's all yours!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A jiggle and a bounce!

A jiggle and a bounce, a jiggle and a bounce... wack! Jiggle, wiggle, bounce, bounce, wack. 'Thanks for the Lasagna ma!'... wack! Swim away, swim away... and a 'hey ma, look what I learned today'... wack, tuck, roll and bounce...wack! 'Hey what's going on, I don't have any room in here... {wanna bet}... I can move these (ribs) and what about this, it's just full of useless stuff (that'd be oxygen)'. A jiggle and a bounce, 'whoops, too far, sorry 'bout that one ma!'

'Phew, I'm pooped, night ma... see ya 'bout 3am!'

My little Munster!

I can certainly tell that the baby is getting bigger and running out of room cause he/she is constantly wedged up underneath my ribcage and... at the same time stabbing deep into my lower abdomen. Yikes! He/She has definitely been an active little bugger, and his/her water aerobics have definitely been getting better as time goes on. I do love feeling the movement, on the inside and the out, but sometimes, it's enough to take my breath away... I have an appointment this Friday and the doc said this time he will pull in the ultra sound machine to make sure baby is head down, but at this point I am almost positive that he/she is already head down. Why am I almost certain of this? Because the little munster has (what I believe to be) a foot wedged up underneath my right ribcage therefore, putting the head down near my lower left abdomen. Not to mention, yesterday I stopped out at my mom & dad's and as I was reclined on their sofa I watched my belly conform into what looked like a lopsided egg...and then back to normal. Now, it is a very uneducated guess, but I am assuming that that was the butt :) It was pretty darned adorable too! I just watched and smiled, my mom watched it happen too and then came over to put her hand on my belly and actually got to feel it this time.

Even though I am welcoming the movement and enjoying every minute of it, I am realizing that their are a few aches and pains that are starting to come with it. I now walk at a snails pace and find that I am starting to waddle. :( I have been having pain high in my inner thighs and it feels like I (somehow) have bruised my pelvic bone... which is why I have to walk slow, because it is quite painful. After doing some research, it seems that it's totally normal. It sounds like it's because of my hips separating and preparing for baby's entry into this world. I thought it might have something to do with that, and that is why I wasn't too concerned about it nor did I feel the need to call my doctor. However, it will be something that I will be bringing up with him on Friday, just so he is aware of it and I can confirm that it's 'normal'. But, if for no other reason, it gives me a good excuse to chill out a little bit and relax I will... like right now! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Finally, we got started on the nursery... and 3 days later it was finished. I can hardly believe it, thinking it was going to take longer, but it's done... with the exception of a few wall hangings and some minor things.

My mom took work off on Tuesday to come over and help me paint, we got both colors on, and, a second coat for touch up areas. One thing that is nice about that Suede texture paint is that you don't have to cover every square inch of wall with the same amount of paint, in fact... it looks nicer if you don't, it adds to the texture and helps create that 'suede' look. Thursday, Dave & his dad made the journey up to the cities to pick up the furniture (all except for the glider), then after they got home, Dave and a friend carried it all up stairs and assembled the crib (which went a lot smoother then I thought it was going to go... no extra pieces :) ) Later that day, my mom came back over to help me with the 'stripe' on the wall. What a pain in the a*s! The tape that we got wouldn't stick to the wall (because of the suede texture I am sure), so we would get half way across the room and pieces would start falling off. Needless to say, we were maniacs painting, to get it all done before more pieces came down. We got two coats on and the tape tore off. Only a few touch-ups were needed to fix where the paint seeped thru our awesome tape job :(

All in all, everything went well, the room is all painted, assembled and arranged and the few baby clothes that I have are all put away and organized. We even got Fred and Bob out of the closet and in position so they can get used to their surrounding. Now, all we need is 'baby'!

Here is a quick snapshot of the one corner, the other side has a bigger dresser, but is pretty empty waiting on the glider. It's hard to see in this photo, but the walls are about 4' high, and where you see the dark brown strip, the walls start to angle up to a vaulted ceiling. It's going to be difficult to hang things on the walls because of this. We only have one wall (to the left in this photo) that is flat/straight, however, there isn't much to the wall, it's pretty narrow - the color on the wall matches the stripe. I also want to add that, the pillows, the two blankets hanging over the crib and the wood sign on the back of the crib that reads "Welcome to our Jungle" were all made (by hand) by my mother. She is also making our window coverings and some wall hangings for the nursery. What would I do without my ever so talented mother? Thank you mom! Love you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

O What a Day!!!!

First things first... Finally, the nursery is painted...well, all except for the double stripes that we are going to put across the 4' wall before it peaks up the vaulted ceiling. I am soooo glad that we decided to go with the suede paint. I painted with this textured paint back in '06 in our sunroom, and I ooooh so love it. It's so warm and welcoming, it looks like fabric on the wall instead of just a cold sheet of dry wall. And we have the same look going in the baby's room, it's so soft... I just love it. It works well with the 'milk chocolate' color that we did on the contrasting wall, which is also the color that we are doing the stripes in. Anyway, after hours of climbing up and down a ladder, up and down stairs and bending down pushing on a roller filled with splattering paint... I'm glad it's done. Thank goodness my mom was there to help, or it would have been an even longer and more tiring day. She had the tough job of using the extiontion roller to do the vaulted ceiling....(holy angles, corners and crevaces)...imagine what muscles that uses in your arms (sorry mom). Needless to say, I am sure that both of us will be sleeping well this evening and both will be waking up with sore muscles, bones and mystery aches and pains.

Also, I called the place that we ordered our furniture from and after a small scare {our receipt reads 'Distressed Country Wheat Stain' (which was the one color I hated) and we ORDERED 'Tea Stain', needless to say after my heart dropped to my knees she checked on it and clarified that 'Tea Stain' was ordered. Thank goodness cause othewise she would have seen one hormonal mommy-to-be on her showroom floor :) j/k} and all of our pieces are in except for the glider... which hopefully comes in soon so that we get the nursery finished up and ready for the baby. It's finally starting to come together and I am getting excited. Only 7 weeks left.

On a baby note: Once we finished with the suede color and were waiting for the 'milk chocolate' color to dry enough for us to put a touch-up coat on, we both crashed on the floor for a little break. My mom wanted so bad to feel the baby move, and with a little luck... she felt a few flutters but nothing compared to what this little tiger has been dishing out lately, so I was disappointed for her. Of course, after all the work was done, brushes & rollers were washed up and she headed out the door, the little monkey went bonkers. AND... he/she must have gotten him/herself so worked up that he/she gave him/herself the hiccups! :) I just smiled and enjoyed the moment. I did feel a little sad though knowing that my mom just missed the most movement he's made all day. I think he/she likes to nap when I work and/or work out... it must put him/her at ease! Anyway, it was a good day, but I am very relieved that it's almost over. It's 9:30pm and both my husband and I are crashed in bed (sort of), him watching "The Real HouseWhores of Orange County" and me, updating my blog... I am secretly watching too, but, shhhh, don't tell him. He says he watches it for the houses, I watch it for the boobs! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Grapes R Greeaaattt!

I love green grapes, I could eat the whole bag...infact... I think I almost have. Do you think if I eat the entire bag of grapes that it would count for one glass of wine? mmmmm, these grapes are tasting even better now. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Berry Delicious!

I have no food in my house, zip, ziltch, nada! I should have gone to get that burger with my husband, and probably would have, but it seems lately I just can't sit for long periods of time without getting 'compacted'... that and I am sure we would have been there for a while having a beer and watching the game. Glad I stayed home. Anyway, back to the 'no food in the house'. For some reason I am craving fruit and have been the last couple days. I stopped at a tiny little grocery store the other day in Austin to pick up fruit specifically... mission failed, the selection was thoroughly disappointing, so here I sit fruitless and thinking "I really don't want to eat junk". So I root thru the freezer and find some frozen berries, YAY... I can make a smoothy. YUM! Off to the kitchen I go, throw the berry's in the blender, little bit of milk and ummm I need to sweeten it up a bit so I toss in some Splenda. YUMMY! What a great little snack/dessert! And... I don't feel guilty! Boy that scale is sure creeping up and up on me. :(

To baby: I must really love you cause you are making mommy fat-er! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sudden ambition to find baby stuff & a bout of weakness!

After a long conversation lastnight with my husband about 'we should probably get our sh*t together' and start getting things in order for the baby, I decided to head over to Rochester today and attack the aisles of Baby's R Us. Figuring my mother would be a great resource, she agree to go with me... thank goodness! I have had many conversations with veteran mothers and recently new mommies, along with the mega reading that I have done, so I had a 'slight' idea as to what I was looking for (and when I say slight, I mean I had no idea). Holy crap, can you believe they have vibrating matresses for baby cribs? Insane! I think we made a good dent in things for the most part, I know there are still several things that I need to read up on, but I plan on taking another trip over there to do that. I also, plan on bringing a friend who breast feeds to help me with the million and one things there are to get for that, plus the 40 billion different kinds of bottles. Jeez, how did our mothers ever survive with a plastic bag to feed us and a dishtowel to strap to our ass? I tell ya though, there is some pretty stupid items out there for purchase, and amongst that, everything is anit-bacterial this and that... no wonder our kids our whimps now-a-days! Needless to say, I purchased a bottle of paint thinner and a few sheets of sandpaper (I figure the sandpaper would be great for diapers). :) But in all honesty, lets toughen these kids up a bit!

On a 'I should probably get my bags packed' side note: Out of the blue, as my mom and I were looking at the 46 billionth toy I suddenly got really light headed, started seeing those stars in the corner of my eyes, thought I was going to pass out hot and almost had to sit down. It's funny and hard to believe how pregnancy changes your life. I am normally always on the go, always physically active with no bouts of this 'faint factor' and almost always without issue, but not anymore. Since before I was pregnant and had to, I hated going to the doctor and rarely did, I've never had surgery, never broken a bone nor been sick with anything other then the flu or walking phneumonia, so the idea of not being 100% all of the definately new for me and what a downer. I hate the feeling of being 'weak'. Once I took my jacket off and leaned on the wall for a bit, I felt better and everything was fine after that, but it's just the fact that 'dammit, I can't do everything anymore'!

My husband is out tonight with friends, and I am going to attack the nursery. Currently the nursery is filled with furniture that you would typically find in a guest bedroom, but come Monday... it will all be gone. Some sent to GoodWill, others taken to the trash with the bigger items being put to good use by family and that family is also allowing us storage in their basement since we have no storage out here. Tuesday, my mom was kind enough to take off to come help me paint...well not me, but I am not sure how that will work, I'm not a real good 'stand-er by-er and watch-er'... I am sure I will find something to do.

Now, if only the rest of the furniture would come in. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Do you ever get the feeling...

that you just can't please everyone? I feel like someone is always mad at us for not going here or not going there, being away too long, or not long enough. We're all friends in different places, can't we all just be... friends? <---- that was my first unhappy post.

Last night marked the passing of another year and the beginning of a new one...a new one with lots of adventures to come. 2008 was the last full calendar year that Dave and I will be 'childless' and 2009 begins a year that my husband, as well as I, anticipate the arrival of our newest addition to... and the beginning of our very own family. At midnight, with tears in his eyes, (and waaaayyy to many Seven/7's in his belly) he kissed me to bring in the new year with warmth in his heart and true excitement of what is yet to come. I'm am thankful that I have a husband with such a gentle soul and know that I am truly blessed to have him in my life. I look forward to barreling thru the future with him as my husband and the father to my child(ren).

Cheers to the future and good friends by your side!