Sunday, October 26, 2008


I'm gonna stop my piss'n & moan'n... I am feeling good and everything is going smoothly! I am getting snuggles from both my princess (Dakota) and my husband! And...our little bundle is practicing karate again!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I think it's fair to post things that make me smile!

This reminds me of me fighting with my brother(s) when I was little. I would always win, of course! :)

Questioning if the doctor I am seeing is the right one for me!

We had supper with good friends lastnight and into our conversation, of course, we got talking about doctors appointments. I was asked if I had gotten my flu shot yet? When I said no, my friend looked at me surprised... like 'what? that's a must when you're pregnant!' As we got talking more, I realized that my doctor is not very informative. I have never had a baby before, I have no idea if things are progressing normally, nor did I have any idea that I should be getting a flu shot. I have had the flu shot only once in my life, and it was mandatory for work, so it never crossed my mind that I should be getting one. When I asked why I needed one, the reasoning was obvious and concerning at the same time. Why did my doctor not mention this? If I get sick, I can't take any meds, if the baby gets the virus... never good. What else is he not telling me? It'd be different if this was my 3rd baby and I knew the routine, la di da... but I have no idea. So, as you can imagine, we are considering switching doctors. We have been on the fence about it since we found out that we were having a baby, but now, for the welfare of our baby... I truly think we have to make a decision! :( I like the doctor that I have at the AMC, but I have often wondered why our appointments are a max of 3 minutes... Also found out lastnight, that the measurements that the doc takes at the appointment are related to how far along we are, in weeks. For example: If I measured at 20", then I am 20 weeks along... relatively. Hmmm, good thing I have a friend that just had a baby and is full of knowledge, maybe she could be my doctor since I have learned more from her then I have my doctor. This is knowledge that I feel I should be getting along the way from my doctor, the one I pay for, the one who went to college for years on end, the one who I trust to keep me informed. Frustration set in lastnight, then anger, now... 'what to do?'

The Point (one might ask) - To me, it's not the point that I haven't had the flu shot, it's the point that no one told me about it and the reasons why they recommend pregnant women get the flu shot. I think we all turned out 'normal' (some more then others) and I am sure my mom never had the flu shot, I know my mom didn't have an ultra sound every month to make sure that everything was okay, I'm sure my mom ate things back then that they don't 'recommend' a pregnant woman eat now, my mom milked cattle when she was pregnant with all of us kids, not to mention she lifted, pulled, yanked and on top of it all, worked a full time job with all of us, and we all turned out just fine. I am frustrated because I wasn't informed of this along with other things I learned lastnight, and it makes me wonder, what else am I not being told about and why not? All I have to say is, thank god for the internet, which is where I am finding most of my information and reassurance!

Fun thoughts for the day!

"The best vitamin for making friends..... B1!"

"You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself. If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished. One thing you can't recycle is wasted time."

Friday, October 17, 2008

Heartbeat & Hernia

Today I went in for my appointment (thank God) and everything went well, good heartbeat and measurements were right on. The doc had to keep moving around my abdomen to chase the heartbeat cause the little bugger wouldn't sit still, but the more active, the more relieved I feel. Once again, he is mixed about my due date (weird I know), my u/s put me at Feb 26th and judging from the measurements, that date sounds good...all except for the 'crown to rump' measurement, which is the biggest of the measurements and he thinks from that measurement we might be closer to the March 6 due date. Beings that we were not really expecting to get pregnant so soon after I went off the pill, I wasn't really keeping track of dates, etc. so this is what is causing all the confusion. But, since it is really only 8 days between the dates, he isn't too worried about it, therefore, I am not worried about it.

And... I found out that the 'golf ball with an arm', looks to be a hernia or maybe sists on the ligaments that are moving and making room for the baby. But, after some PAINFUL pushing and a man physical {I literally had to turn my head and cough, of course he wasn't holding my 'berries' [which are non-existent] he was pushing on my lower abdomen - where I was feeling the pain}. All-the-while I thought I was going to throw up it hurt so bad! Now, of course, a bazillion things are running thru my head and the one thing on the top of that mountain is: 'Will I be able to have a vaginal delivery?' :( Not exactly the worst thing that could happen, considering that things could be worse, but still, a bit discouraging at this time. I guess only time will tell. He wants to avoid doing elective surgery at this point, for obvious reasons (me too). I just hope that the pain stays, almost, as dormant as it has been. 'Good little hernia, good girl'. I guess this means I have to be a little more careful with the things that I do, lift, push, throw, shove (oops sorry, got off track there), & especially careful in my Pilates & CycleBox classes. :( Thank goodness for Yoga!


I never thought that I would be this anxious for an OB appointment. But I am, and today's the day, and I am sure the hours will TICK by...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Mommy, stop worrying!"

:) As I finished the last post and was reading thru it, I think my baby sensed that I was worrying because he/she just swatted me in the belly button 'twice' to make sure I knew he/she was okay! :)

Anxious for Appointment on Friday!

It's been almost 5 weeks since my last doctors appointment (sorry Bonnie, I was off) and I am starting to get anxious, nervous and impatient! All good emotions to have if I were anticipating jumping out of an airplane! :( But, since this is for an OB appointment these emotions are rather overwhelming because I have questions for the doctor and I am REALLY wanting to hear the heartbeat. I doubt that I am the only mother-to-be wanting to hear the heartbeat 'all the time', but it seems to be the only 'security blanket' that I have since the movements that I have been feeling are so few and far between, and half the time I am unsure if they are the baby or just my body a movin' around.

A while back when I was getting ready to go to Yoga, I lifted my leg to put my pants on and felt this... for lack of better way to describe ball in my lower left abdomen... attached to a muscle or ligament. Didn't really think much of it because I just figured it was the baby or part of the baby that needed to be adjusted. As time went on, I would feel it here and there so I just let it go figuring it was just another perk of being pregnant. However, the other night it was really 'irritating' and when I went to lay down, flat, on our bed, it felt almost swollen... my whole lower abdomen. Not where the baby should be, but lower, almost just above my pubic bone. So of course, I became a little concerned and beings that this is my first pregnancy, I really have nothing to compare it to or know if it is normal. So the next day I called the Patient Advisory Nurse, told her and she recommended that I call my Doctor's nurse since my doctor was on-call. I talked to her and explained what I was feeling. She asked if I was in any pain, or bleeding and I have had neither of those two things, she was puzzled, but said she would talk to my doctor and if he thought it was anything serious that he would call me to come in. Also, since my appointment is coming up on Friday she thought I'd be alright until then and we can talk about it at that time. I haven't heard from my doctor, so I am assuming that it was nothing serious... so that is a relief. But, I am curious to know if it is normal...sooo, if any of you ladies that have had babies know what I am talking about or have had the same 'feeling', any advice would be helpful. I have been trying to research it online, but I can't seem to find any information on a "golf ball with an arm in lower abdomen during pregnancy" :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pain in the ass...literally!

Lately, it seems as though I haven't had many issues with my sciatic nerve... until today! Since the day was gorgeous, and I didn't have to work, I took full advantage of it. I put all my yard tools, pots, hoses and extra chairs away, cleaned windows, house, laundry, etc. I was bending over doing alot vacuuming and as I was almost finished and stood up, holy pain in the boot-aye! This was by far the worst that my sciatic has felt, and hoped it wouldn't last long. A couple of minutes passed, and no I decided to do a little Yoga stretching. I know, it sounds funny when I use Yoga terms, but Pigeon is one of the best poses (that I have found thus far) that really does the trick! After a couple minutes easing into the pose, I headed back off to get some more work done, with eased pain of course. I was thinking that I nice warm bath would feel good, maybe to rub out some of the achiness... and then I realized, we don't have a bathtub 'available' to do that in. :( One day, I will get this house back into working order, one day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

20 weeks & a Kind Jesture!

Today we hit the 20 weeks mark and are officially half way home! However, I have yet to feel the baby moving around at all today, and it bugs me. I am sure that everything is fine, it's just the thought of the uncertain that gets the best of me. :(

However, on a good note, my husband and I got to spend (MUCH NEEDED) QT together. We headed over to Rochester to do a little shopping and as it turns out, he bought more then me... weird I know? :) And of course, he managed to get a brand spanking new PINK collar for Dakota (our youngest of our 3 dogs, who's still a puppy...and did I mention a little princess?) The collar is one that replaced a fairly new collar (I think he thought the pink was faded) and I mentioned to Dave that Jake, one of the boys, doesn't even have a collar. ???? Do it, I dare you, tell me he isn't going to spoil our kids... especially if they happen to be little princesses!!! Then to finish off our already great evening, we headed for drinks (Dave had tasty beers and I got the refreshing taste of a Blue Dolphin, YUMMY!) and an excellent supper at our most favorite place... you guessed it, the Outback.

** Just a cute side note: Dave and I always sit up at the bar, we just like the atmosphere better... well, for now, until we can't sit there :( So, as usual, there was no place to sit at the bar, so Dave weaseled in to get himself a beer and I just kind of stood off... waiting. After waiting for only a couple minutes, he got his beer and a couple seats opened up. As we were walking to the seats, this little old man grabbed me by the arm and says, "Here sweetheart, why don't you sit here. My wife and I were just about to get up..." awe, how cute is he??? I politely mentioned that we had just gotten seats, but thanked him for being so generous! He must have saw my belly popping out underneath my shirt... Anyway, he made me smile... how cute he was!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

19 weeks 6 days! Almost Half Way...

Tomorrow marks our half way point, and I can hardly believe it. Even though I have been feeling the baby moving around, I still have that anxious feeling since I haven't heard the babies heartbeat in 4 weeks. :( I am half tempted to buy one of those dopplars, but then I have the feeling that I won't remove it from my belly :)

I have noticed that it's getting harder for me to roll out of bed when I have to stroll to the little girls room in the middle of the night. I'm a little more tender and have the feeling that I can't get my legs up (to flip out of bed) like I used to. Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing that these things are changing, but it's all so weird yet. Now, if my darn complextion would just clear up, I'd be good to go. Ugh, it seems to be getting worse. I have read that it is normally the worst around the 4th and 5th month, I am in the 5th, so hopefully soon!

And... I finally put up a current photo of my baby bump for those of you that have been asking. I was in that uncomfortable, feeling fat stage, still am a little, but I decided to be brave and just do it. So... I hope you're all happy! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally... felt the baby!

I figured after the start of the harvest it might help our little one to get in the mood to let mom know that he/she was still there...and growing. So, as I sit in the combine with Pappa and wait for him to fill up my truck so I can take it to the elevator, minding my own business (really I was watching for rocks), and just like that, he/she wiggles just enough to let me know that he/she is still there. ---Like I could forget anyway---

It was pretty amazing tho, I've been anticipating this feeling for a long time. I thought earlier this week that I felt it, but beings that I am not sure what I am waiting to feel... I was and still am unsure if it was the baby. But after today, I am sure that it was the baby tickling around in my belly, almost grabbing at my belly button trying to tickle me. I can't wait until I can 'spoon' my husband and have the baby kick him thru my belly... since he doesn't get to feel the REAL thing, it will be the closest he can get to the real, amazing feeling of this little bundle of goodness all snuggled in my 'getting fatter' belly! :)